Thai Fine Dining – Jim Thompson at Dempsey Hill

Jim Thompson Thai Restaurant & Wine Bar
45 Minden Road,
Dempsey Rd,
Singapore 248817
T: +65 6475 6088
F: +65 6476 5388

Jim Thompson, the brand better known to many for their celebrated fabrics, Thai silk, cultural apparels, upholstery, soft furnishing and lots more. The company ventured into food & beverage for nearly 2 decades and has since planted several restaurants, bars & cafes outside of Thailand.

Myself, being a fan of many things Thai, this was one of the few holistically pleasurable moments, while being invited by Jim Thompson Restaurant for tasting. In attendance, the folks from HungryGoWhere, The Arctic Star and Ivan Teh-RunningMan.

The immaculate attention to detail, conservation architecture, rich cultural interior designs, décor & material application set in the 19th century Siamese charm. The transition upon entry at the door, felt almost like a time warp. Add to the strong numbers of Thai nationals for kitchen & service crew, as well as ethnic costumed greeters.

Fine dining the Siamese way. As mentioned, the service crew is largely Thai nationals, and I actually found the Thai accent in their speech to be endearing, somewhat therapeutic – for I felt I was already in Thailand.

P.S.: I found myself stumbling in my conversations, for I was tempted to hold my conversation in Thai.

Now, for some of the highlights of the all-time classics presented for tasting

Sukhothai Set (for 3 pax) – comprises of Thai Fish Cakes, Deep Fried Prawns wrapped in rice paper & egg noodled, grilled marinated Chicken in Pandan Leaves, Green Mango Salad. Accompanied with 3 in-house dips: Thai Chili with ground peanuts, chili plum sauce, special Thompson dip.
* The Thompson dip goes well with the chicken, and the prawn too.

Tom Yum Goong (trans. Tom yum prawns) – deliberately served with the lid on, so you can surprise yourself with the pleasant aroma of spice & herb rich goodness, as you flip the lid open. Take a deep breath if you will, and you’ll know what I’m saying.
Unlike western table etiquette, in Asia, you scoop from the deeper ends, to ensure you get the consistency of flavor from start to finish.

12748470_532296563596834_583986397_nGaeng Kheaw Wahn (trans. Sweet green curry) – in all honesty, I’ve always enjoyed the layers of flavors in this dish. Unlike my usual self, this is probably the only curry that I indulge in less of the meats, but more of the crunchy quadrants of the bulb shaped egg plants.

12747842_190326258000968_645873715_nPahd Pahk Boong Fai Daeng (trans. stir fried morning glory with red chilies) – the Thai version is less leaves and more stems. Personally, the crunchy stems and birds eye chilies puts a smile on my face, but for those with lesser threshold, it’s advisable to abstain from the chilies.

12479568_770832936379952_1229911635_nPahd Krapow Neua (trans. Stir fried beef with basils) – it’s not the regular basils they use, but they blanket this with crispy fried holly basils. A little less conventional, the texture & taste is pretty enjoyable.

12750316_1694359957501380_642593042_nBpla Kaphong Neung Manao (trans. Seabass “one” Lemon) – steamed & deboned, bathed in a citrus sauce. Kaffir lime offers a little more zest than regular lemons.
Note, please do not take for granted that a deboned fish is entirely boneless. Always pay due caution, in case of tiny bones or scales in tight spots.

12717046_170412726670925_1686941284_nKhaw Pahd Sapparot Goong Sohd (trans. Stir fried pineapple rice with prawns) – the commendation was mutual across the table. The rice doesn’t clump together, and one can taste each grain as it should. The raisins offered a little sweet surprise as you munch along. No pork/ chicken floss, indeed, it’s as authentic as it gets.

# A meal can’t be complete without desserts & quenchers… so, stay tuned for my next entry featuring the desserts beverages.

This premise can host more than 100 pax indoors, while alfresco seats 70 pax. So if anyone is thinking of holding a big reception with Thai theme in mind, I can’t think of a more appropriate venue apart from this.

For many who’re time strapped, a luncheon buffet on a weekend should suffice to offer good relief from the hectic bustle of Singapore’s commercial belts. Or if not, it’s not too bad an idea to shuttle up to Thailand to visit the Jim Thompson Museum, for a quick escape & breather.


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