Thai Fine Dining – Jim Thompson at Dempsey Hill (con’t)

Jim Thompson Thai Restaurant & Wine Bar
45 Minden Road,
Dempsey Rd,
Singapore 248817
T: +65 6475 6088
F: +65 6476 5388

This is the continuation of my previous entry. Notably, Thai food tend to encompass quite a variety of spice & flavors. And it’s only natural that diners tend to indulge in quenchers and desserts to cap the night.

The first salvo of quenchers introduced

10632423_1116297115082144_873471689_nThompson Mojito – fresh lemongrass, fresh mints, fresh lime with lemongrass infused vodka. I find this to be refreshing, and soothing for the palates. Quite possibly a beverage for any day in lieu of the tropical climate.

12729505_1958767597681728_838589767_nThai Basil Sangria – white wine, brandy, fresh orange juice, orange peel, and more. Not quite the typical red wine infused version. In my opinion, is also quite a respite for the climate, because some say the body absorbs orange better, than most other citrus flavors.

12716881_763747823757721_1266676387_nLemongrass Infusion – fresh lemongrass, ginger, fresh apple juice & lemonade. This is a mocktail that’s friendlier for the liver. Lemongrass is known for a list of health benefits, and is a key ingredient in Thai menus.

The second salvo, where choices were made

12716769_978786072203308_219946518_nBangkok At Night – Mekhong whiskey, Malibu rum, kahlua and fresh pineapple juice. Served in a glass that looks almost like that of a pineapple. This comes across a little sweet, and the layers of the whiskey, rum & kahlua makes this a fun beverage to sip along.

12677681_1070264596368855_1547165202_nBangkok Sling – Mekhong whiskey, cherry brandy, amaretto, fresh pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, grenadine & bitters. In my opinion, this is a level up version of the Bangkok At Night. A little sweeter, and the flavors make it very enjoyable.

12677691_178312985876205_848386954_nClassic Margarita – Hornitos reposado, Cointreau & fresh lime juice. Not very different from what we’re already accustomed to. But for the less adventurous, no fear of not having the familiar stuff.

12725206_1740566852838359_2142365640_nJim Thompson Cooler – Gin, fresh lime juice, homemade ginger syrup, fresh mint leaves & ginger ale. Served in a blue glass, this packs a double dose of ginger, so it comes across spicier than what we’ve had all night. The thought that comes to mind, Davidoff Cool Water.

And for the finale, desserts as authentic as can be:

12677687_1759671084256687_692780474_nKhaw niaw ma muang (trans. Mango sticky rice) – the size of the mango is quite an eye full, accompanied with a ball of glutinous rice covered with a coat of coconut cream, together with the all familiar orchid. It’s quite evident that much effort has been invested to reduce the starch content of the sticky rice, as the color & texture is less dense than untreated version.

1662066_966136963455558_1777572619_nIce Cream Kati – this is a fusion of the old ways and new in one. A young Thai coconut cropped with an opening, filled with coconut flavored ice cream, and tiny strips of jack fruit. Carefully scrape the flesh of the coconut to go along with the ice cream, brings a smile on the face.

12677450_875406352557318_2056098879_nTab Tim Grob – locally known as red ruby. Tapioca starch coated water chestnut chips, with strips of jack fruit, immersed in coconut milk, served chilled with crushed ice. Considerably, an all-time classic, and is still widely enjoyed.

The ambiance, the attention to detail, the instrumental classics, the service rendered, were somewhat like a flashback to the reign of the highly revered Rama V – Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poraminthra Maha Chulalongkorn Phra Chunla Chom Klao Chao Yu Hua (Thai: พระบาทสมเด็จพระปรมินทรมหาจุฬาลงกรณ์ พระจุลจอมเกล้าเจ้าอยู่หัว)

Though the food were slightly adjusted to accommodate the palates of expatriates in Singapore, I would say the overall experience was something unique.

I find this venue to be an appropriate venue to host business lunch or dinners, or, private functions if need be. Otherwise, take your family for an escape experience for their weekend luncheon buffets. Details available on:


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