Panaroma Feasting with Panaromic View – Seasonal Tastes

Seasonal Tastes
The Westin Singapore
12 Marina View Level 32,
Asia Square Tower 2
Singapore 018961
T: +65 6922 6968

Seasonal Tastes is where buffet at The Westin Hotel takes place daily, almost at all times, breakfast, lunch & dinner. Immerse oneself in seafood indulgences on Friday Seafood Nights, and Carving & Roasts on Saturday Nights. Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Restaurant & Bars Discount, and guests of Seasonal Tastes enjoy complimentary per entry parking on weekday nights, and all day for Saturdays & Sundays.

This media invite was scheduled on a Tuesday night, but the dinner crowd largely comprising of PMETs was streaming in droves. In attendance were folks from HungryGoWhere, Chubby Botak Koala, and several others.

Located on level 32, the cascading full windows all round, offers diners a panoramic view of the marina, as well as ranks of iron horses at Keppel harbor. The indoor luminescence at Seasonal Tastes is considerably dimmer than typical buffet hot spots, makes for quite a nice chill out & relaxed mood for dining. Albeit, was a tad too dim for me to showcase in pictures, the good works of the chefs & kitchen crew.

Service staff is attentive and prompt to attend upon seating at the table. Order your beverage, and you’re good to get the ball rolling.

dessert station
pic credit: @thewestinsingapore

The island dessert station stands out most prominent as a center piece, almost like a trophy station for diners to celebrate the end of a full hearted meal. Panning the view of buffet spread lines up almost like a production chain, there are quite a few live stations that is popular among the diners.

To me, where buffet is concerned, it’s never a bad idea to start light and build towards a crescendo. There’re too many to list, but I’ll mention some of the items I found to be worth one’s cost.

Cold Cuts – a pretty good range of cold cut meats, pickles, cheese & vegetables. It’s apparent that this station is a crowd favorite, since much of the portions are quickly diminished shortly after replenishing.

12790849_10207520623466560_3528187589669176540_nFresh Cold Seafood – Boston lobsters, scallops, mussels, prawns, crabs and freshly shucked oysters. Dips & sauces such as mayonnaise, tabasco, mustard & lemons are available for dashing. The wasabi mayonnaise goes well with almost all the crustaceans. Usually, I’d be indulging in oysters, but I’m inclined towards the lobsters & prawns.

Salads & Appetizers – Tomato salad, Thai beef salad, smoked salmon salad etc. This too was one of the crowd favorites. It didn’t take long for much of the selections to be cleaned off by the diners. There was hardly a chance for me to capture the dishes, in lieu of overwhelming crowd response.

12809556_10207520645187103_3824298240911576046_nShooters – canapés portions served in shot glasses, for great ease of food popping

Soups – Tom Kha Chicken. It’s not every day that one gets to savor the milky goodness of this soup. Tastes somewhat lighter than what I’m accustomed to, but for a change, was a good feature.

12814522_10207520651987273_4894867691398225842_nIndian Cuisine – ghobi matar, raisins in basmati rice, chicken masala and a few others. The fragrance of the spice & herbs is undeniably tempting. There are variants of roti, and if one would prefer, there are breads near the appetizers that could go well with the gravy too.

Live Station, Carvings, Roasts & Grills – strip-loin, leg of lamb, sea-bass, Mexican chorizo, seasoned duck breast, satay, moo-ping, pork belly. This is definitely a show stopper and my heart skipped a beat too. Join the queue, order your choice of meats and doneness, collect your numbered clothes peg, and return to collect your order in the given time. My personal favorites: strip-loin (rare), leg of lamb (rare), moo-ping (didn’t need any dips or sauce).

12795541_10207520719628964_8879666340487575792_nCooked Food Station – whole baked salmon, pulled pork, plain rice, whipped potatoes, sautéed wild mushrooms. I actually enjoyed the whipped potatoes accompanied with the mushrooms.

12814164_10207520744869595_2904326505364318101_nSushi & Sashimi – tako sashimi, salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi and a variety of sushi. The sashimi platter was left in a state of devastation, shortly after a queue passes. Patience is required for the long platter to be replenished, and it pays off. The salmon has a buttery texture, and the tuna is juicy tender.

Live Station, Noodles – clear seafood soup, clear chicken soup, laksa. The taste is somewhat less lemak than what my palates is calibrated for, but I would understand if carnation or evaporated milk is used to substitute coconut milk.

Desserts – confections, cakes, tarts, chocolate fondue, marshmallows, cut fruits, brownies etc. I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but gelatos I had 2 rounds. They’re good, but if I had to list them in order of preference… avocado, chocolate, blood orange, mango, vanilla.

I have to apologize that I wasn’t able to feature as many pictures as I wished, in lieu of the dim lighting, but I’d safely conclude that for the price to feast on a Monday or Tuesday night, it’s really quite a steal. I can only imagine how much more enjoyable it’d be for Seafood (Friday nights) or Carving & Roast (Saturday nights).


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