Summer Pavilion, Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore – Media Review

Summer Pavilion
The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039799
T: +65 6434 5286

Summer Pavilion is the in-house Chinese Cantonese fine dining restaurant, at Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore. She’s underwent an extreme make over in 2015, bringing a whole new experience for diners & hotel guests. They’re open for lunch and dinner every day.

Available to public is the main dining hall able to accommodate approximately 120pax, with some strategically designed booths for privacy- accommodating different seating capacity, ranging between 4 pax to 10 pax.

While the private dining wing is designed for exclusivity & esteemed services rendered. Fashioned in modern Art Nouvea & oriental influences, the private rooms are themed by inspiration from Asian trees. The Pine Room (10pax), Plum Room (10pax) Elm Room (15pax), Bamboo (15pax), Wisteria (6pax) and the astonishing Garden Suite (30pax) comes with a cozy living space for lounging.

The Garden Suite is ideal for hosting a mini banquet for extended family or company events. It has three in-built LCD projectors & projection screens, adequate for bespoke private events. Inquire with Summer Pavilion for further details.

12822312_1714416072177206_1056516426_nAll private dining rooms are complete with a barmoire that’s equipped with wines, liquor & spirits.

* Every private dining room, excluding beverages, requires a minimum spend of SGD1000++, and for each additional guest, SGD100++.
* For the Garden Suite, a minimum spend of SGD2500++ for 20-30pax, and SGD125++ for every additional guest.

Executive Chef Cheung Siu Kong hails from Hong Kong, and is the brainchild for the full menu at Summer Pavilion. Developed and showcasing his niche style of contemporary Cantonese Culinary, elaborate process, served uncomplicated, beautifully plated with heartwarming goodness.

12822505_920719194716241_256342264_nWe were privileged to be invited for this media review, in attendance were folks from HungryGoWhere, Chubby Botak Koala, as well as Ivan Teh-Runningman.

12798028_880361932062474_1943247849_nOnce seated, the condiments are laid out, and appetite is whetted. For dips, Premium Soy Sauce – color is rich and exudes a fragrant aroma, full flavor savory with a mild sweet after taste. And a saucer of XO (Extraordinary) Sauce – not exactly a sauce, but condiment good enough to be eaten on its own. I can only decipher the elements of dried scallops and dried shrimps, for it is after all an in-house secrecy.

12798148_1563645133964066_473953815_nLychee Oolong Tea (by Tea Bone Zen Mind) – designed to pair with the starters for this course, the room was filled with the aroma of lychee. The whiff of sweet smelling lychee infused in the oolong tea, requires no sweetener, for together comes a pair of sesame seed sprinkled, honey glazed deep fried taro die on the side.

12825921_1704969863113444_1571681231_nPan-Fried King Scallop [香煎带子皇] – has a light crisp to the bite, while the natural juices burst through the cracks when the teeth sinks in. Help yourselves to the premium soy sauce dips or XO sauce for richer taste.

11312075_1691708737774432_954041061_nBarbecued Spanish Iberico Pork with Honey Sauce [酱烧黑豚肉] – crisp on the crust, juicy chewy texture as I progress along. Call it the hybrid of char-siew & roast pork if you please, but the balance of caramelized honey over cured meat is my very first experience, and I’m inclined to return for more.

1172993_565588430282067_420824380_n12825960_634048973413965_1170489940_nDouble-Boiled Fish Bone Soup, Fish Maw, Wolfberries [花胶炖鱼骨汤] – This is one of many of EC Cheung’s signatures, and all time popular demand of diners & guests. Thick & milky white broth made from grueling hours of slow boiled Patagonian Tooth-Fish (aka Chilean Seabass) bones, a generous chunk of its maw, topped with wolfberries. The fish maw has a jelly like crunch that’s softer than cartilage. Not just love at first sight, but first bite as well.

In my opinion, the monumental effort taken to prepare this soup, greatly surpasses any shark’s fin soup on the market. Perhaps the activists should promote this as a very worthy alternative.

12784120_982877268472017_104528047_n12822373_1582289485430571_647796743_nSautéed Dong Xing Grouper Fish, Shredded Sweet Peas, Bean Sprouts [千丝万柳东星斑] – there’s 2 parts to this dish, the body is filleted and sautéed to a nice juicy tender doneness in the wok, while the head, fins & tail is steamed to a glistening finish. Served on a bed of shredded sweet peas, bean sprouts & carrots, drizzled in a premium sauce.

10631981_1716694591943415_2063662301_n12784112_684015085071328_2005848756_nSpeaking of esteemed service, the fillet is portioned equally, while the remaining steamed portions are reassembled on a smaller platter. Adorable, and I did justice to the fish.

12797934_1047950775226067_298993111_nIntermission, the Lychee Oolong Tea is substituted with Momo in Black (by Tea Bone Zen Mind) – the room transits and the fragrance of peach fills the room. Designed to pair with the duck that’s to be served, this has a more earthen flavor and palate cleansing.

1962959_1098446913538750_479064056_n12093591_1684957695125584_475853501_nMarinated Smoked Duck, Chinese Tea Leaves [秘制樟茶鸭] – it’s remarkable that the chef innovated and achieved infusing tea leaves for this crispy skinned roast duck. The taste of the game is greatly reduced, and there barely saltiness in the meat. The crispy skin reminds me of Peking duck, while the meat is tender juicy. Help yourselves to the premium soy sauce dips or XO sauce for richer taste.

12784137_833402906769515_646856451_n12825694_1172900419394417_465624719_nPoached Lobster Rice [龙虾西施泡饭] – this is a very good closure for a meal since carbs is always the finisher in all Chinese dining. Served in a deep bowl, the aroma of the toasted rice on the side circles the neatly stacked rice. The bisque is poured before consumption, so every scoop has the infused flavors.

10546779_1718184661762204_1542220562_nMarinated Shredded Chicken, Jelly Fish [鸡丝海蜇] – wine marinated cold cut chicken slices accompanied with marinated jelly fish. This cold dish is intentionally light on the taste, where the XO sauce compliments the flavors nicely.

12798021_960868987323564_1051545711_n12825961_1572170866429365_633295390_nChilled Cream of Sago, Mango, Pomelo [杨枝甘露] – nice creamy texture of the mango with little chunks of mango flesh, accompanied with bitter sweet pomelo sacs. Not artificially sweetened, so one can taste the natural goodness of the mango.

12818955_1064109143648351_186693566_nCompliments of the Chef, Red Bean Kueh & Coconut Tarts – the red bean kueh is a jelly like texture topped with a jelly like layer of coconut milk. Melts in the mouth for a creamy taste. The coconut tart is light and flakes like a filo pastry. The shredded and baked coconut is moist and crunchy.

To be pampered at such level of service, is definitely not an everyday affair. Though for the exquisite service & quality, one is sure to impress their valued business counterparts or esteemed guests. A private dining session at Summer Pavilion would also suffice to be bragging rights of sorts, for socialites & net-workers.

Fear not if private dining is not your thing. The same menu is available for all to enjoy at the main dining hall, just past the moon gate, that leads outside for all to marvel & enjoy the huge bonsai overlooking the main lobby entrance. To ensure that one is guaranteed of seating, reservation is highly recommended.

You may do so via the following URL:

Tea Salon (entrance to Summer Pavilion) offers the concoctions of tea leaves from Tea Bone Zen Mind, intrinsically packaged, ideal for gifts for loved ones, dear friends or for the connoisseur.


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