Fumée by Habanos – Media Invite

Fumée Deli Restaurant
9 Raffles Blvd #01-53
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
T: +65 6835 7339
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Fum%C3%A9e-1401657106810994/

12998688_10153593571722709_4387791120703203567_nFumée is a spanking new multi-faceted wine & dine establishment brought to you by the founders of Habanos The Fine Cigar People (situated at Suntec City), Helen & Natalie. It has an alfresco terrace dining zone, spacious lounge area (entertained by live band performances Tuesdays onwards), high table & chair seating, a cozy chic dining zone, as well as a smoking gallery for cigar appreciation to boot.

Fumée can accommodate a maximum capacity of more than 300pax, and given the strategic zones, they’re good for hosting private/ corporate functions of varied budget ranges. Call to inquire.

Thanks to the innovative Chef, the design of the full scale kitchen plays with luxury of ceiling clearance to bring out the best in culinary, the wonders of the craft from himself & his crew to be reckoned as you read along.

Fumée retails in-house fresh made deli & confections, a good variety of wines & bubblies, handpicked import beverages, a good collection of charcuterie & cheeses, pastas, as well as Fine de Claire oysters. They also have a handsome library of whiskeys, namely from Suntory & Auchentoshan distilleries, and a counter that offers select tobacco products.

A new perspective to gourmet grocery shopping, dining experience that caters not merely for the lunch & dinner crowd, but for hours in between, as well as post office hours unwinding. In lieu of their strategic location, I believe will be a place to encamp during the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix 2016 in September.

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Singapore Airlines Grand Prix 2016: CLICK HERE
Global Travel Experiences: CLICK HERE

In attendance for this media invite, were folks from HungryGoWhere, Chubby Botak Koala, The Arctic Star and Purple Taste.

To start things off, a little liquid diet to quench the thirst, Asahi Black & Kronenbourg Blanc, together with some light munch.

12724890_1599173513737521_1379806313_nWinglets – Cajun spice seasoned thin batter, deep fried, halved mid-wings on a bed of prawn crackers. I have to say, this complements the beers really well. Although I’d wish for sour cream or Greek yogurt on the side for dips to give it more dynamism.

13007379_10153596124067709_4482732725806033291_nGarlic Prawns with Crusty Baguette – juicy & succulent, and the garlic isn’t overbearing. In fact, I actually enjoyed using the garlic oil sauce as dips for the baguette. I’d say would go very well with a glass of chilled sauvignon blanc.

11219599_10153596150577709_9071824099702545758_nNZ Little Clams with Garlic Bread – creamy white wine laced umami jus with tiny garlic chips & dashed with green herbs. This is a love it or hate it, subject to varied threshold for garlic acceptance. There were mixed opinions at the table, but I enjoyed it.

13015318_10153596175567709_2746169437101078836_nRed Dot Noodle – a seafood pasta with a good dose of shellfish sauce, prawns, clams and Hokkaido scallops. The presence of crustacean in each bite was savory good!

12998475_10153596188632709_1066585641679209988_nChili Crab Noodles – a twist of a world renowned Singaporean dish. Softshell crab in place of Sri Lankan crab. No need for the use of the nutcracker. Depending on individual’s threshold for chili spice, to me, this was sweet and good.

12963849_10153596207387709_2842831928654559594_nFumée Burger – What can I say? Wagyu patty, nice and pink, with bacon & cheese on the inside, accompanied with in-house made shoestring fries. It’s a must try, and I will say it like Schwarzenegger says it best “I’ll be back!”

12531181_1598327090486766_1356124672_n.jpgOtah Otah Burger – Familiar yet unfamiliar. This is also one of my favorites for the night, old school authentic Muar styled secret recipe otah. Not to be missed.
If there would be a competition to feed on this burger, I have a feeling it’d be a long hard fought battle for a winner.

12974524_10153596285577709_6913202344134183466_n48 hour sous vide USDA Angus Bone in Short Rib – served on a bed of fine creamy mashed potato, drizzled with a wine based sauce. My love for meat just went a notch higher. Juicy tender, meat falls off the bone effortlessly whole, melt in the mouth sensation. I believe more will convert to become meatarians upon tasting this.

12998661_10153596312807709_4461356237029633095_nMushroom Risotto – tiny bits of mushrooms, hue of parmesan cheese and the earthen woody tinge of truffle oil. The strong earthen woody flavor in this, is to me a good cap at the end, to mellow the climaxed palates.

12994499_10153596357577709_3429350936379625152_nFrambroisia with a Raspberry on top, the black and white Guinness Cake (specially created for St. Patty), Passion fruit Pana Cotta, and the coffee laced Opera Cake. Love Apple, Bailey’s Tiramisu, Red Fruit Shortcake and Chocolate Praline Cube – I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but every man deserves a Guinness! I enjoyed the chocolate variants, but I indulged in the Guinness Cake.

13006477_10153596901667709_6982710309533323058_nA peck of 3 wood Auchentoshan Single Malt after a good meal, is to me, the real dessert. Three wood means, this liquid gem has been through 3 types of timber casks. And so, there is a complex taste & fragrance. Initially confusing for me, but a dash of ice cold Icelandic Glacial helped with the clarity.

12963347_10153593658072709_7760848561428418637_nOn any given day, one can heartily indulge in their whiskey library. And the good news is, prices for the Japanese whiskeys are very competitive against some of the mainstream whiskeys around.

13006693_10153597414862709_6799366308023728432_nAll in all, Fumée is well positioned in many aspects of the operation, and the treats they have to offer on and off the menu. If I were to be working in the vicinity, I can envisage my colleagues & I patronizing on a pretty regular basis. So, for readers within the vicinity, try them out, if you haven’t.


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