Cook & Brew – Media Invite

Cook & Brew
The Westin Singapore, Level 33,
12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2,
Singapore 018961
T: +6569226948
F: +6569226899

I was privileged to be included for this media invitation, to better understand & experience the menu, with a little exclusivity. A big Kudos to the team at The Westin for their hospitality & invitation.

Cook & Brew is a gastro-bar that sits nicely at Level 33, just 1 level above Seasonal Tastes & the Lobby Lounge. Decked with full on timber flooring, black marble-topped bar, hide themed upholstery, and a touch of gold from the warm lighting. Diners & patrons are pampered with comfortable seating, a panoramic view of the marina, as well as a glimpse of the Singapore Sports Hub. A good spot to perch oneself in creature comfort, while anticipating the National Day Fireworks display.

Executive Chef Aaron Foster hails from Canada, and he’s the brainchild who designs the menu, that offers comfort food inspired & influenced from the western continents to the orient, as well as to pair with the curated craft beers. One can indulge in the selected recommendation on menu, that offers top grade US beef, and palate-centric ingredients, in forms of colors, scent, tastes & textures.

In this session, features the Three Course Set Dinner Menu priced SGD55++ (There’s a Two Course Set Lunch menu priced SGD33++), multiple choice for 1 selection from each category.


For Starters, the HEIRLOOM TOMATOES & PLUMS – Buttermilk and gorgonzola cheese dressing, butter curd, pecan brittle. The colors on display were delightful, while the freshness & tastes were beyond imagination. The ensemble of crunch & juices from the less mainstream species of tomatoes & plum complimented well, and the cheeses weren’t overbearing. The crunchy sweet pecan offers an occasional surprise. I suppose health buffs, vege lovers & waistline watchers would appreciate this pretty much.

13267396_231631337218272_1047460202_nAvailable on the Bar Fare Menu, the WHIPPED BUFFALO MILK RICOTTA – Truffle honey, grilled bread. This is something I’d consider to be one of a kind. The grilled bread is toast crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and the scent of charred bread is quite nostalgic. Spread the bread generously with the truffle honey laced ricotta, take your time to indulge in the creamy goodness, and dispense your concerns of weight gain.

13248866_119815558434530_1035519895_nCAROLINA MUSTARD SHRIMP – Tangy mustard bbq sauce, apple radish slaw. The color & taste is quite subjective, as I found it to be a little stronger than expected. But as I understood, it’s intended to be paired with a light beer. And, once you sink your teeth into the shrimp, therein lies the transition of your thought process. The appreciation grows on each bite.

13150897_245246329166235_977988785_nCRISPY TOFU – Spicy ponzu, avocado, tomato, papaya. From a local perspective, this is probably a distant cousin of the familiar Thai style crispy tofu, but drizzled with a little extravagance and less the spice. For it is intended to go with alcoholic ginger beer. Light & good source of protein with avocado, nice & neat.

13260879_1110068162379350_1577607871_nPORK NUGGETS – Grandma Foster’s corn relish. It may look a simple dish, but the process can be quite elaborate. They’re croquettes of juicy tender pulled pork, while the corn relish is quite a feat in itself . Although recommended is a party beer to go with, but I felt would go along well with a flavorful dark beer too.

13108791_225112304539160_1885365277_nFor the mains, THE CHICKEN PARM – Breaded basil and yogurt marinated chicken, mushrooms, sweet peppers, tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella. The sheer portion of this dish is pretty intimidating, and if I’m not mistaken, it’s a whole de-boned chicken. The crust is like no other, the doneness was thorough, and the meat juicy tender. The puree like tomato sauce with sweetness of the peppers, and chunky bits of mushroom is a good dressing. Molten buffalo mozzarella that gives you that little bit of strands like a pizza, adds a little fun to the experience.

13248923_1302200349809279_73499749_nBLACK COD – Roasted sweet pepper, pimento, thyme, black mussels. Fresh cod baked with a lightly salted crunchy crust skin, juicy & soft buttery meat that breaks away nicely intact, and melts in the mouth. And the doneness of the mussels were just nice. You could taste the sweetness bursting as you bite through the soft texture. For once, as a meatarian, I’d rate this dish over the chicken.

13108898_630812457075955_2117974043_nFor the desserts, BAILEY’S CAKE – House-spun coffee and whisky ice cream. I’m not much of a sweet tooth person, but I find good comfort in this pan of a dessert. The sugar level is not overbearing to dilate the pupils, while the layers of tastes from the cocoa, coffee, Bailey’s and whisky unveil themselves, as you munch along. I enjoyed it. Get a glass of single malt, if you prefer to raise the octane level a notch.

13269487_1015168578558723_190309404_nHOME-MADE RASPBERRIES CHOCOLATE LAYERS CAKE – Vanilla sauce, fresh berries, house-spun raspberry sorbet. The name and colors of this dessert is a spirit lifter. I can’t imagine how anyone can not feel better after a beaten day at work. Flavors of berries shooting in all directions upon entering the mouth, and the tinge of vanilla that blankets softly after. Lovely.

13108715_1757950571083787_2103611421_nHOUSE-SPUN ICE CREAM – Rum & raisin. Served in a tin capped container, almost mistaken it for a tub of pomade. Contrary to Forrest Gump’s quote, simple is really not as simple does. A spoonful of this with a little crumble latched to it, allow it to melt & coat the insides of your mouth, and you will see ice cream in a different light.

In case you haven’t noticed, at The Westin, the desserts department seem to have a pretty profound methodology in developing their array. Particularly house spun confections, sorbets & ice-creams, available at Cook & Brew, as well as Seasonal Tastes.

Cook & Brew is the go to place to un-knot the tie after a day’s work, have a few pints of ice cold golden liquid diet, and good quality munch at very food price. The ambience is nice & comfortable but formal enough for a business dinner. The spacing of furnishing for lounging & dining is good enough for uninterrupted conversation between tables.

Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) members enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on the total bill when you dine at Cook & Brew. (Applicable for groups up to 8 guests, including SPG member. Terms & conditions apply.)


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