Wing Zone, Bugis Plus – Media Invite

Wing Zone Singapore
201 Victoria St
Bugis+ Level 4,
Singapore, 188067
T: +65 6222 9464

Together with a bunch of fellow bloggers & Instagram-ers, we were invited for this media event, where we were given insights of how Wing Zone made its way on our shores. And to date, has 2 outlets that cater to different clientele demographics.

Originated in 1991, on the campus of the University of Florida, the 2 co-founders Matt Friedman & Adam Scott, recognized the void in availability for food variety on campus in the after hours, initiated the concept of delivering buffalo wings, and it was an instant hit with their coeds. The concept grew in their fraternity house, and so birthed the first 2 outlets located in Gainesville. Since then, they have to date, opened Wing Zone restaurants across almost every state in USA, and growing.

13310426_10153694105607709_1819234975472925741_nThe pioneering outlet in Singapore is located at Bugis+, and a 2nd outlet opens in Compassvale Link quite recently. Recognizing that the broad base clientele have varied palates, taste preferences & threshold for spice, Wing Zone establishes itself in offering more than a dozen original flavors for their wings, all of which, ingredients are fresh and prepared a la minute.

The myriads of flavors are inspired by different cultures & culinary signatures, where the American HQ concocts & conjures original recipes for the sauces, distributed to all their franchises; not before undergoing due process to fine tune for market acceptance.

13315341_10153694107797709_832680699267101393_nThe concept is simple and hassle-free, where consumers can choose between dining-in, taking out, or order for delivery. Use the Wheel of Flavors, if you’re indecisive of the flavors you should savor. We’ve been told that the largest order in town to date, catering up to almost 3000 wings for a private event.

Regardless how you dine (dine-in, take out, delivery), one can choose to order the meals separate, or, in packs designed for 2-3, 3-5 or 5-8 persons. Each pack comprising of respective order combinations, flavor capacity, sides & dressings. Or if you prefer, go all out with your own selection of entrée, flavors, sides, dips & drinks.

We had the privilege to taste almost every flavor, original (wings) or boneless (chicken breast chunks), and there’s just too much mention. I shall condense my opinion to make it easier for your reading.

I’m a meatarian, and I’ve preference for the originals over the boneless. They are all batter free, so you get real chicken with less of the residual oil trapped in the sinful battered crust, found in most other chicken joints. And due to the absence of the sinful batter, the chicken cools down a tad faster, making it easier to go hands on. Timed to perfection, the doneness is good, juicy on the inside, and the meat comes off the bones cleanly.

There are flavors that I find to be somewhat common, and here are some flavors that I enjoyed and in no particular sequence:

13325557_10153694136532709_859689292672944238_nLemon Zinger
– lemon with pepperish spice fragrance, think zinger with lemon glaze
Buffalo Bliss – as the name suggests, this is probably something for the traditionalists. In my opinion, ranch sauce dip is a must

13346546_10153694117002709_796076735984492280_nMango Fire – tropical tangy sweet with a light tingle of spice.
Garlic Parm – garlic, parmesan cheese & a tinge of pepper. With an underlying acidity of the buffalo wings.

13339586_10153694133882709_517486765483778593_nNuclear Habanero – ignite your palates with a spiced up version of buffalo wings. recommended to use the ranch sauce dips to mellow the vinegar
Tokyo Dragon – a spiced up version of the Sweet Samurai. But I’ll say the spice factor is manageable, and can go up a notch or 2.

13321866_10153694113667709_5666666340245425112_nHoney Q – think BBQ sauce with the sweetness of honey, with a tinge of southern spice seasoning
Smokin Q – spiced up version of the Honey Q, laced with cayenne peppers. Again, spice factor is manageable.

12991111_10153694141007709_6170198645157088386_nBlackened Voodoo – this is definitely unique, employing the use of dry Cajun flavor seasonings. Reminds me a little of the infamous Shilin night market chicken cutlet.

For the sides, we got to try the onion rings, mozzarella stix, carrots and celery that need no further introduction. However, dry rub seasonings (blackened voodoo or cool ranch) available for choice on the potato wedges.

There are burgers available, chicken thigh, hand breaded chicken, quarter or half pounder beef. I prefer my beef patties on the rarer side, so I guess for people who love their meats well done, I think this is up your track.

13339619_10153694147397709_5505911397017196364_nTo cap the evening, Brownie Bites. It’s not every day that you get brownies fried like nuggets. They’re crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Try ordering from their delivery portal, use promo code “FLAVORHOLIC25” to enjoy 25% off your first purchase at

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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