Ribena – Sparkling, not still

The blackcurrant beverage we’ve all grown up with (developed since 1938), has endured both world wars in the last century, hit Asian ground running since the 1980s, and never looked back. Made from 100% New Zealand blackcurrants, no artificial color, flavor or sweetener, and was the first beverage known to contain benefits of consuming blackcurrant, and 24mg Vitamin C.

For generations, we’ve all been familiar with the cordial/ squash formula that requires diluting with water, and it’s been quite challenging to ensure that the taste it right – especially during parties, or to pacify the children.

13398906_1046170778797716_713419260_nDecades on, and it wasn’t until quite recent, Ribena now comes fizzy. Wrapped in aluminum cans, 325ml of goodness. Fear not, the fizz isn’t intense enough to sprinkle the spectacle lenses, neither is it prickly for the palates. One of the lowest sugar levels compared to other fizzy drinks on the shelves, it’s an obvious choice for both young & young at heart.

13413200_1556790311289442_90187063_nThe heat of summer temperature’s riding, so, lighten up with Sparkling Ribena.

Kudos to Media Flair & Suntory Beverage & Food Singapore for the media samples

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