Great Singapore Sale (GSS) Orchard Food Trail Trilogy – Media Invite (Pt 1)


Courtesy of the Invitation & Trilogy arrangements by Hungrygowhere & participating joints, in attendance for the GSS Orchard food trail were, Purple Taste, Ivan Teh-Runningman, Madame Chewy and Chubby Botak Koala.

In total, we visited 3 spots, IndoCafe – The White House, House of Robert Timms & Nassim Hill – Bakery Bistro Bar. All in a span of less than 4hrs in one evening! Yes! I hear you, it’s quite a feat.

IndoCafe – The White House
35/ 35A Scotts Rd, Singapore 228227
T: +65 6733 2656

13736932_1335102419851187_1865672925_nConservation building perched along Scotts Road, at the intersection of Cairnhill Road, distinct black & white themed building exterior, impossible to miss. Has limited parking space, but valet service is available.

So if you haven’t the luxury of time for a getaway up north to Penang to hunt for signature treats, this is a good haunt to satiate your cravings for Penang Peranakan dishes. Be sure to take advantage of the ongoing GSS deals, and indulge in the a la carte buffet.

13696651_1837454059816093_1896884472_nWeekday 3-course set lunch @ $19.90++ each
Weekday lunch/ dinner a la carte buffet @ $29++ each
Weekend/ PH lunch/ dinner a la carte buffet @ $33++ each

We had to save space for more food to chug on the trail, and here’s a small selection from the myriads available on the menu. If you want to go the extra mile, share your orders, so you get to taste & experience more dishes in one seating.

13714157_918621554931027_401844433_nPeranakan culinary takes great pride in serving up fresh pound chilli, with belachan to give it more depth… Not for the faint hearted.

13712271_465709676958686_810278575_nOtak Klasik – it’s not quite the otak we thought it to be. It was more chawanmushi than anything I can relate with. Delicious & effortless to polish off.

13696909_1102731096439654_1623583650_nPenang Char Kway Teow – authentic as it gets, savory with thin sliced Chinese sausages & prawns. It’s a la carte, ask for cockles and specify doneness if you have preference.

13694802_616418215189605_875081945_nChar Koay Kar – A signature from the northern states of Malaysia. Stir fried rice cake dices & cubes, in dark sweet soy sauce, with beansprouts & chaipoh, eggs & mild chili.

13712724_1741510392796646_75163637_nIced Chendol – the red beans are huge, I almost mistook them for kidney beans. Lovely!

In terms of taste, bear in mind that this is Penang Peranakan, a tad different from the local and Melaka version that we’re accustomed to. By virtue of taste & variety, it’s worth revisiting.

Check out the details, find which deal interests you most, book or call the hotline +65 6884 6884 for reservations.

To be Continued…
– –

Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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