Great Singapore Sale (GSS) Orchard Food Trail Trilogy – Media Invite (Pt 2)


House of Robert Timms
501 Orchard Road #01-02/03, Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
T: +65 6735 9201

13714249_704413056366465_1313155188_nAussie Aussie Aussie~! Oy Oy Oy~! For this limited period of GSS, enjoy 50% off the 2nd main course and dessert from the a la carte menu. Brings back fond memories of my days pursuing my Bachelors in Brisbane, Down Under.

We could have easily picked out an item each, but for the trail, we had the privilege to sharing the 3 all-time top picks.

13768130_928514810608373_14079171_nFish & Chips – crispy crust VB battered snapper fillet, on a bed of shoestring fries accompanied with coleslaw & tartar sauce for dips. Juiciness locked in, tenderness in each bite. Quite a distinction from the competition.

13725580_1603697376594174_578490270_nAussie Baby Ribs – two marinated mid-sized racks of ribs glazed with in-house special sauce. The meat comes off the bones effortless. Savory juicy as you much along. Good stuff!

13696512_268413443536782_1633100699_nUltimate Fry Up – design & define your all day breakfast. Choose how your eggs are done, choice of proteins and veggies. Creamy smooth scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, grilled tomato, crispy bacon strips, a slice of brioche, rockets and sautéed mushrooms. Fulfiling!

13724678_629200940575454_590054218_nCheck out the details, find which deal interests you most, book or call the hotline +65 6884 6884 for reservations.

To be Continued…

– –
Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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