Great Singapore Sale (GSS) Orchard Food Trail Trilogy – Media Invite (Pt 3)


Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar
56 Tanglin Road #01-03, Tanglin Post Office, Singapore 247964

13743584_1794591070754100_2132251445_nThree B’s wrapped in one. Tavern style seating makes for minimized boundaries & encourages mingling, raise your mugs and have a few toasts (in literal sense). Nassim Hill holds a reputation for some good treats that many find themselves addicted to. At 2100hrs, the crowd looked like they’ve only just started, loud chatter & bursts of guffaw.

For this limited period of GSS, buy any 3 main courses, and the 4th is free. Hear ye footballers, ruggers, dragon boaters and athletes of different disciplines, indulge in carbo loading.

13774271_1705739849677381_1154427516_nCheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles – not every day that u get savory & crispy waffles, cheese & tiny bits of bacon smelted into the waffle. Crunchy strips of bacon on the side, with sour cream for dips.

13744178_1793598194192571_504664124_nChili Crab Pasta – No ordinary dish, for a not so ordinary city. Spaghetti blanketed with the signature spicy sweet-tangy chili crab sauce, topped with a clump of juicy crab meat. Shiok!

13732314_1797137610516397_242586742_nPoutine – Fries intentionally softened with entrecote sauce, minced beef & mozzarella cheese. Weight watchers, forget about watching. Just eat

13704240_282872392074283_109538327_nBaked Bone Marrow – Served up with crisp toasted baguette, shallots & parsley on the side. I call it the meatarian’s butter spread. Fragrant & creamy on the toast. Loved it

13744156_1566314083673260_387844619_nTriple X – Just a mean wedge of chocolate on chocolate, on chocolate. Choc lovers, this is what u need to get choc in your blood stream.

To sum up the evening’s worth of food trailing, by any measure of local standards, it was a gastronomic feat indeed. We started off strong, and along the way, few of us were on the verge of throwing in the towel. Of course, there’s no need to match our endeavor, for there are just too many deals to pick & choose from:

Check out the details, find which deal interests you most, book or call the hotline +65 6884 6884 for reservations.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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