The Great Thai Feast @ Seasonal Tastes, The Westin Singapore – Media Invite

Seasonal Tastes
The Westin Singapore, Level 32
12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2
Singapore 018961
T: +65 6922 6968

Over and above selections of bastions in the likes of Fresh Salads & Cheeses, Crustacean & Shellfish, and the Roasted Striploin from the typical buffet spread, from 18-31 July 2016, is a period featuring authentic Thai cuisines, bearing influence from his grandmother’s recipes. Sous Chef Sedtapat Sukpaisanpongsa, alongside Chef Kamonwan Juntarasert and Chef Sittha Sa-Nguansat bring the adventure of street food signatures of different regions across Thailand, into this all-you-can-eat dinner scene.

Thailand being a very big country (76 provinces), has rich diversity of cultures, dialects & tribes, terrain & climate, domestically produces some of the most interesting natural ingredients, herbs, spices & fruits that anyone can assemble. Therein lies the permutations of indie concoction mixes of recipes.

The dishes originating from the North (Nuea) & the North-East (Isaan) regions, account for the majority of what this buffet spread has to offer.

13736839_1165281506864405_1945182366_nSalads to kick start the buffet dinner sets the bar for the palates. No fear of excessive perspiration, because the spice factor is kept to the minimum, so as not to disappoint those with lesser threshold. Showcasing a select few examples of the 4 major Thai salad variants; Yam (tossed & mixed styles), Tam (pounded style), Lap (spicy, sweet with lime style) & Phla (protein based with heavy use of lemongrass & mints), as well as some smoked salmon. All 4 variants are worth a try, because you don’t normally get them all under one roof, or in one seating.

13712561_1413656452275249_742265273_nHands-on assemble your own salad offers raw vegetables and pickled/ seasoned/ salted ingredients. Quite typically consumed with plain porridge or rice or glutinous/ sticky rice.

13658532_1288122437866361_94124690_nThis tub of Seafood Pineapple Rice should suffice to feed a team of carbo craving dragon boaters. In all honesty, I’ve never tasted pineapple rice with such generosity of crab meat. Must try!

13745202_1770731773211014_1354908750_nKor Moo Yang (Grilled Pork’s Neck) – this dish is certainly 1 of my all-time favorites regardless which Thai joint I dine in. pork is already consider a pretty tender form of protein, and apart from some other fattier portions, the neck is all the more juicy tender & less fat per bite ratio. Try using the Jim Jaew dip for best results. Indulge & fall in love!

13715315_1744771792437388_2045820906_nPahd Thai – the Thai version of the Char Kway Teow, prepared a la minute at the live station. The flat rice noodles are a thinner & little springier than what we’re accustomed to. In many ways, it very similar to the Penang Char Kway Teow, except, Pahd Thai is sweeter in lieu of the tangy tamarind paste.

13721224_951597324951529_1621204646_nSom Tam – the renowned young papaya salad is possibly the hallmark & national dish. It’s readily available across the kingdom, and in some cases, the indigenous have tendencies to tune it to their palates.

13743622_782963818511300_1615209735_nSai Ua & Sai Krok Isaan – housemade sausages from the Nuea & Isaan. The long bratwurst lookalike is the Sai Ua that’s unique to the north, some call it the Chiangmai sausage, available in its original recipe, as well as the red curry flavor. The short round cocktail ones are the Sai Krok Isaan, stuffed with a mixture of rice & pork, has a little crunch to the texture. Must try!

13696809_223125018082174_1246863099_nPork Satay – Thin sliced pork satay, very different from Moo-ping (smoked pork) of the regular buffet spread. I believe is possibly due to the composition of fat & protein that makes it juicier & tenderer than typical beef or lamb satay, the Jim Jaew dip goes really well.

13658719_942246085919548_179937771_nTom Yum Gung – another renowned Thai dish that has made its way halfway around the world, and is undeniable that the tangy prickly lip burning sensation, is somewhat thrilling. The color may seem a little intimidating, but spice factor is mellowed a little for more to appreciate.

There’s also a live station for the Kway Teow Nua (Beef Kway Teow) & Kanom Jeen (Rice noodles in gravy). The Kway Teow Nua is a comforting bowl of rice flat noodles, bathed in dark broth & fragrant spices, with different cuts of beef tender slices & brisket.

13732268_1580384382254369_1857437478_nKanom Jeen – you’ve a choice of noodle types and gravy. There are many variants to the gravy for this dish. Evidently, the appreciation for the Gaeng Kiaw Wan (Green Curry) is stronger than the Gaeng Phet (Red Curry), with assorted seafood, chicken or beef slices. Both gravies are richly creamy & fragrant, courtesy of the coconut milk in use.

13736885_828159027283799_1855055024_nKhao Niew Ma Muang (Mango Sticky Rice) – another hallmark of Thai desserts. Although my favorite is Look-Joop, but I will not pass on mango sticky rice. Served up in miniature boats, the portion is slightly larger than typical Nigiri Sushi. Sliced natural sweet mango on a lump of sticky rice, laced with coconut cream.

13628146_276864626008503_380288919_nSang Kaya Faktong (Thai Pumpkin Custard) – is authentic and to me is a rare find in local context. Harmonizing the natural sweetness of the young pumpkin, with the coconut milk egg custard in the cored cavity, sliced into equal portions. It’s steamed soft, and you would find it easy as scooping soft ripened cantaloupe off the skin.

Not forgetting, there’s free flow Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea), black tea infused with condensed milk, straight from the dispenser.

The Great Thai Feast is available for dinners only from 18 – 31 July 2016, from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. at Seasonal Tastes, Level 32, at $68++ per person (Sunday to Thursday) and $82++ per person (Friday and Saturday).

For reservations, please call +65 6922 6968 or, email

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