(E)Xperience, the only source of knowledge – Media Invite

Xperience Restaurant & Bar
35 Robinson Road
Sofitel So Singapore
Singapore 068876
T: +65 6701 6800
W: http://www.sofitel-so-singapore.com/dining/xperience/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/SoSofitelSingapore/

Situated right next to the iconic Lau Pa Sat (the restored Victorian style market place), where Boon Tat Street is blockaded & comes to life at dusk, and is transformed to Satay Street.

13658380_515871578612955_1452867242_nXperience Restaurant and Bar is the anchor at SO Sofitel Singapore, a new incarnation of the former Telecommunications Authority of Singapore (TAS) Building, conserved with the Neo-classical architectural elements, large columns, radial semi-circular arch openings, and a revolving door for the main entrance.

13744235_1789831064586628_1893210343_nXperience is orchestrated by the youngest hotel head chef in town: Executive Chef Trevor Paulo, and his crew, endeavors to push the boundaries & challenge culinary status quo in the dishes they roll out.

This invitation was to experience some of the latest Signatures that EC Trevor has conceived, and made available on the menu. In attendance, were folks from HungryGoWhere, Purple Taste, Madame Chewy and several other gastronomers.

From the onset, EC Trevor explains his philosophy of how & what he wishes to bring to the table, for the diners, as well as for the establishment to hone: “an experience that’s 2nd to none”. And throughout his introduction, he never fails to mention “team” & “family”, and never shy of good words for his Sous Chef & crew behind the scene.

In my opinion, a kitchen that’s run like a tight ship can do wonders, but one that functions like family, is bringing the game to a different level.

13744032_1624287621214681_2066591042_nWhile waiting for the main event, we started off with some house baked baguette & butter to ease the drool of anticipation.

The 2 starters bear oriental influences in the presentation & taste, intended to be refreshing.

13707342_1036085403165551_173275480_nPoached Sweet Prawns – the texture of the prawns is juicy sweet & tender crunchy. Decorated with thin sliced apples & scarlet turnips, ponzu droplets, dusted fragrant spices & violas. Didn’t cross my mind that Japanese inspired culinary can be plated like art; apart from the plate, everything visible is edible

13768154_308742926136753_1502121527_nCured Salmon – rolled up like a budding rose, coupled with thin sliced sweet refreshing cucumber, crumbs of cauliflower, stacked with tobiko, doused with a light house fermented apple cider, decorated with brighter color themed viola. I enjoyed this much, didn’t stand on ceremony, polished the plate clean

13827352_1729289960692106_203295861_nWhile waiting for the mains to be brought forth, I took the opportunity to marvel at the Rolls Royce of cookers (MOLTENI), and a closer peak at the zen-like process of plating: Passion, Pursuit, and PerfectionPoetry in Motion.

13767561_166167863804170_401845846_nLamb Confit – intensive hours of sous-vide rolls of suckling lamb (very young lamb), resulting in a buttery flavorful texture softer than slow fire cooked chicken. Plated with ginger carrot puree, a bundle of cut kenya beans, a stalk of sweet tender asparagus & heirloom carrot, drizzled with vadouvan jus and cute lump of alfafa.

13745014_1794413214169702_677994776_nBeef Short Rib – is a hit for meatarians like me. Its medium rare sweet juicy tender, served with onion, leak confit, broccolini, decked with spring onion tempura. Maple leafed shaped onion paper, and drizzled with shallot jus.

We had a split vote between the 2 mains, you will have your palates decide.

For the desserts, colors, textures & layers of flavors take the stage. Though I’m not much of a sweet tooth person. I was quite amazed by the complexity in a simple dish.

13712814_1095973050482363_684556746_nCarrot Cake – has a nice sponge like texture that crumbles with a light nuttier flavor. Walnut, cream cheese, maple soil, spiced ginger, a scoop of apricot sorbet, decorated with carrot chips, and a dollop of salted caramel.

13687121_1068604336553554_1664051721_nChocolate Dome – Aragauni chocolate & ivory snow. Allow the hot vanilla cremeaux to melt through the chocolate to unveil the hazelnut ice cream inside.


Xperience Celebrations Dessert – uniquely prepared in your presence, the protagonist shall drop the chocolate dome, and everyone can dig in. For this pinata, therein lies, raspberry & apricot couli, meringue, berries, burnt vanilla chantilly, truffle & chocolate soil, popping candy, salted almond crumble, chocolate, lemon, vanilla & pistachio macaroons, hickory smoke & the 72% dark chocolate dome.

It is not every day that one gets to witness the process in an open kitchen with little or no boundaries. Watching the food prepared, plated & presented at the table, makes it somewhat cozier & personable. Artistic food, good quality at affordable pricing, makes for a go-to place for business lunch & dinner and/or hosting guests.

For reservations, call +65 6884 6884 or make an online reservation.


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