[Closed] Legend Seafood (鸿宇海鲜馆) – Media Invite

[Closed] Legend Seafood (鸿宇海鲜馆)
Blk 151 Bishan Street 11 #01-195
New Century Food House/ Coffeeshop
Singapore 570151
T: +65 9183 1580
FB: https://www.facebook.com/legendseafood/
FP: https://www.foodpanda.sg/restaurant/s5fg/legend-seafood

Legend Seafood is a very young establishment that offers a slight twist to the typical Zi Char 煮炒 menu. Situated at New Century Food House (the arched coffee shop) along Bishan Street 11, is a short walking/ scooting/ cycling distance from BCA Academy (using the bridge across the canal), Wee Beng Chong Art Gallery, not too far from Bishan Loft Condo, My First Skool and Zion Bishan Presbyterian Church.

I guess it shouldn’t be much of a challenge for residents of Bishan Street 11, 12 & 13 to locate this hidden find. For the less adventurous, there’s always the convenience of Food-Panda at the fingertips (delivery fees complimentary, subject to minimum spending per order).

This being a Media Invite, in attendance were folks from HungryGoWhere, The Arctic Star and Chubby Botak Koala. The dishes pre-planned were some of their signatures, as well as some new signatures to be added to the menu as well.

Before I detail our experience, I will make it easy for salted egg yolk fanatics. As the saying goes “salted egg yolk anything, is sating”, visit to have your fill.

14032985_1758327177779648_89004663_nThe feast kicked off with a brand new signature, The Double Flavor Fish. The fish is filleted down the spine, 1 half is done crispy oat flake style, and the other half is battered & deep fried, doused in Thai style sweet sour spicy sauce. I actually enjoyed both

13658322_1333225540030346_1156623075_nCheesy Crayfish Beehoon is a spin off inspired by the renowned one in Malacca that features crabs. I actually enjoyed the mild sweet after taste.
Tip: leave it to sit for a little, allow the beehoon to soak up the sauce before consumption

13725634_1128483003876888_1228543126_nFried Clams (lala/ pipi) in Soup. This is a hearty dish that most Hokkiens/ Teochews should find fulfilling. The soup has mild traces of dried herbs, wolf berries and rice wine.

14027113_1132556613469997_37678389_nCrispy Homemade Tofu with Pork Floss. If BreadTalk can make millions from pork floss on loaves, this is likely to become a crowd favorite.

13721317_196309414117478_1665010663_nBarbequed Prawns coated in a rather familiar sweet savory sauce, I can’t quite figure of its kungpao inspired, or the typical 排骨王. Fresh & big prawns makes for easier shelling. But since it was fried crisp, I chugged it down with the shell, take it as calcium loading.

14052422_1164534580249550_1040737724_nSalted Egg Pork Ribs… Be warned, once u start, u can’t stop. Cos salted egg anything is trending.

14027163_1252806878085570_1801787461_nDeep Fried Egg with Oysters in Sambal Sauce. It’s not every day that u get to experience the crispy egg melt/ oysters burst in the mouth.

14033512_1074234382666137_1824093749_nButter Corn Crayfish, the sauce could actually go well with lots of other items. Lovely!

13743402_969495276509511_2105090332_nWhat did I say? Salted egg goes well with anything. In this platter, Salted Egg Crab Mee-Sua, with some buns for dips.
Tip: leave it to sit for a little, allow the mee-sua to soak up the sauce before consumption

14072985_1761197547459284_321184921_nJust when u think u had enough of salted egg, here’s 1 for the road… Salted Egg Battered Oyster Mushrooms. In my opinion, this would make a good snack over beer, while watching football on TV.

Don’t be intimidated by the dishes presented. They also offer the typical staple dishes like every other ordinary Zi Char stall has to offer. But seeing what they kitchen is capable of, why settle for ordinary when you can experience Extra Ordinary?

Living in the Most Expensive City on the planet, we work our necks off for several key reasons. Quite commonly, creature comfort for family & loved ones. So, a communion for the family, once a fortnight or a month, seems quite appropriate.

13687165_1739291689665777_161125495_nLegend Seafood operates for lunch & dinner till late daily. The bold attempt to innovate with ingredients, experimentation of tastes, I should think there will be more interesting dishes to be rolled out in due course.

– –
Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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  1. AGirlWhoLoveToEat says:

    You won’t regret to visit Legend Seafood for a meal but you will regret if you didn’t. So why wait! Call to make a reservation or visit them tomlo..

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