Borderless Sunday Brunch Buffet – Media Invite

Food Capital + Tempo + Grissini
392 Havelock Rd G/F
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
Singapore 169663
T: +65 6233 1100

From 11 September onwards
$98++ (with free flow of juices and soft drinks)
$138++ (with free flow of Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut Champagne and house pour wines, juices and soft drinks)

Lunch Buffet: $52++, Dinner Buffet: $70++

Following the visit to Grissini, the management extended invitation to all in attendance for the Borderless Brunch Buffet on Sunday. On hearing the word “borderless”, we were all looking at each other eyes wide, our thought bubbles seemed to be all saying the same thing “can I manage?”, but doing what foodies do best, we stepped up to it.

Here are some tips for attempting buffets:
1. Team work makes dream work – refrain from attempting solo. Always go as a family/ a quartet/ a pack/ a clan
2. All for one & one for all – communal style dining allows everyone to taste a bit of everything (almost), without succumbing to over feeding
3. Refresh Palates often – your palates will signal you to stop when there is info overload. So, having still/ sparkling water to refresh those palates, can help you go the distance.

For this colossal brunch, there were others from mainstream publishing media, as well as fellow bloggers/ vloggers. I was in the company of compatriots; Purple Tastes, The Arctic Star & Ivan Teh-Runningman.

As it stands, the spread from Food Capital suffice to feed an Olympic team, in addition, there’s champagne, cocktails, house pours & non-alcoholic beverages from Tempo, and, there’s more goodness available at Grissini. For the price of SGD 138++ per pax, you get so much more than what you pay for.

Understandably, there are all sorts of eating preferences, so different strategies can be applied. However, should you attempt to heed the tips I’ve offered, you probably will enjoying the spread comfortably.

14269023_1288564204543745_1178000276_nFor parents with restless children in tow, a child entertainer is on-site with balloon crafting or face/body painting to keep the young ones fixated while you go can proceed with face stuffing.

A total of 10 stations available at Food Capital, comprising of; foie gras station, western delights, Chinese wok & dimsum, curry & tandoor, salad bar, tempura corner, sushi & sashimi, oyster & seafood, desserts, assorted cheeses.

In my opinion, some of the must tries would be: foie gras, prime ribs, truffle mashed potatoes, pan seared mignon, baked barramundi fillet, grilled carrots & zucchini, laksa, pork ribs & prawn noodles, tandoori lamb and fresh seafood.

If spice factor doesn’t affect your threshold for going the distance, you can also indulge in the chili crabs, help yourself to the mantou 馒头 & soak up some of the delicious chili gravy. Have your fill with the chili fried prawns, as well as the array of Indian curry.

At Grissini, the offer a nice selection of antipasti, pasta, pizzas and Josper oven grilled premium meats & seafood.

I would save some space to indulge in the charcuterie, lamb shanks, wagyu & octopus.

To wrap up, help yourself to the smoked salmon, cheeses, desserts & fruits.

From the array that I’ve highlighted, you should be able to conceive a good strategy of what good stuff, you really would like to grab from the buffet line.

– –
Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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