The Landmark – Media Invite

The Landmark
390 Victoria Street #05-01
Village Hotel Bugis
Singapore 188061
T: +65 6299 1512 or 7786

15035683_1063583820406880_9021712215522148352_nLocated just across the intersection of The Sultan Mosque, The Village Hotel (formerly known as: Golden Landmark Hotel, and later, The Landmark Village Hotel) is quite impossible to miss. The hotel is probably one of the more seasoned hotels in town, but is not a stranger to seasoned visitors & holiday makers. Just a short stroll away from Bugis Junction, Parkview Square & Raffles Hotel, or even The Gateway, so it’s within reach for people from different walks.

The Landmark commands a strong following in lieu of their Intercontinental Halal Certified Buffet spread, priced at an affordable range:

Breakfast Buffet: Adult $18++, Child $10++
Lunch Buffet: Adult $20++ (Sunday $25++), Child 13++
Dinner Buffet: Adult $30++ (Fri-Sun $35++), Child 15++

Now, for a limited promo period, book via HungryGoWhere, the 5th diner dines for FREE!

Tip: one can’t simply chug everything down, so it’d be wise to survey & shortlist the must haves & good-to-haves

This buffet spread is inclined towards Western Asian, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cuisines, there will be a healthy amount of carbohydrates to compliment the proteins laid out. Fragrant spices is also prominent in most of the dishes, and elaborate desserts too.

Before we knew it, the entire restaurant is already packed & bustling like a bazaar. The crowd kept the kitchen crew busy with refilling the buffet spread. It’s a buffet, not a refectory, so there’s no queuing sequence/ line to follow. My instincts was to go to stations where there’s nobody, and that I did, paced myself well for the night.

Amidst the myriads of dishes laid out, here are some highlights I felt would make the money spent worthwhile:

Live Station –

15057201_1776350289284100_2995613489935941632_nFresh Prawns & Mussels – naturally sweet & succulent, no specific need for condiments or sauce dips. If you have to, try different spiced gravies just for kicks.

15057302_216936725399873_2413809248560480256_nRoasted Beef Striploin
– small portions are sliced & presented to ensure consistency in doneness, and for the beef not to dry out due to prolong exposure.

Sup Tulang (Translates as: Bone Soup) – the more exquisite version of Sup Kambing, as it offers a pile of bones from lamb, so Tulang lovers can indulge in gnawing the meat bits off the ends, and knock themselves out with the marrow.

15034688_1239343236123278_5517916910928265216_nMediterranean Station – comprises of Chicken Sharwamma, Hummus, Babaganus, Sirazi Salad and Pita Bread. It can be quite filling, so pace yourself.

Indian Station –

15101659_1864401527179332_5920492059667464192_nButter Chicken
– nice & creamy, and the Naan assortment goes well with it

15034933_1257322557664934_9164793102458683392_nTandoori Chicken
– best consumed piping hot, ideally straight from the oven.

Dessert Station –

14726330_966313260139426_7387634136153849856_nGulab Jamun
– typical dessert from the Indian region, sweet to the max. Goes well with some coffee or tea

15046927_196413930815165_1993450048997818368_nMango Pudding
– silky smooth with natural tangy mango bits. What’s not to like?

15099614_1513081528709062_3916237071248785408_nTropical Fresh fruits
– fiber lovers can help themselves to the assortment of watermelon, pineapples, orange & grapes

15043945_697715673724189_1523143489338998784_nBubur Pulut Hitam
– black glutinous rice is a comforting dessert that’s quite a signature in our archipelago

14574078_221406391622360_6710446767147581440_nSago Gula Melaka
– this put of goodness is probably a crowd favorite, it’s polished off quite quickly

Assorted Malay Kuih – array of familiar local favorites

At the stipulated price point and ongoing booking promo where the 5th diner dines for free, the socialized cost is probably one of the best buffet deals in town. Given that there’s also outdoor poolside seating, makes it quite an interesting experience.

Mari Kita Makan~!
– –
Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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