BBQ Box 串烧工坊 (Chuan Shao Gong Fang) – Media Tasting

BBQ Box 串烧工坊
21 Tan Quee Lan St
Singapore 189768
T: +65 6835 7456

BBQ Box 串烧工坊 is a concept restaurant that features North-Eastern Chinese (BBQ/ Grilled/ Stew) Cuisines. In 2009, they opened their first outlet in Geylang area. A second outlet was opened in Bugis area in 2012, and in 2014, they opened their third outlet in Chinatown, as well as three new outlets in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Quite recently, they’ve relocated their Geylang outlet, and they’ve also enlarged their Bugis outlet, occupying 5 units of tenancy.

Singapore Outlets:
182 Geylang Road Singapore 389525 (opens daily 1400-0200hrs) T: +65 9234 8659
21 Tan Quee Lan St Singapore 188108 (opens daily 1200-0200hrs) T: +65 6835 7456
262 South Bridge Rd Singapore 058811 (opens daily 1200-0200hrs) T: +65 6221 6629

Johor Bahru Outlets:
3 Jalan Austin 8/5, Taman Austin Height, Johor Bahru 81100 (opens daily 1200-0000hrs) T: +6012 4866191
3-01 Jalan Austin Height 8/5, Taman Austin Height, Johor Bahru 81100 (opens daily 1200-0000hrs) T: +6012 4866191
18G Jalan Bestari 6/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, 81300 Skudai, Johor Bahru (opens daily 1200-0000hrs) T; +607 2440605

Unlike similar concept establishments, the grilling & barbecuing of food is all done in the kitchen, so diners don’t leave smelling like they’ve been baptized in the kitchen. The setup is brightly lit with nicely spaced out seating, as well as segregated pockets of rooms for lesser distraction. The walls decorated with street art influence, appeals to the young & young at heart.

Evidently, for this outlet to occupy 5 units, the floor staff has quite a bit of ground to cover. That said, the crew goes on their rounds and is prompt with their services, and they’re well versed with recommendations. Diners can also flag for service by means of a call button integrated in the table ends.

Subject to the complexity of the dishes ordered, food is served within minimal waiting time. The skewered food is served ready-to-eat, placed on the novelty food warming grill box (aka BBQ box) in the middle of the table, so they don’t cool off too quickly, while diners commune over chatter.

15048194_347411982283946_301814984046804992_nTsingtao Lao Te beer – is a very light tasting thirst quencher. Straight out of the bottle without a head, not heavily carbonated, mild sweetness in the after taste. Best consumed ice cold, serves as a good palate cleanser and goes well with heavily seasoned food.

From the A la Carte Menu:

15048204_1848910562004457_8863239892373602304_nGrilled Oysters – they’re pretty big, shells almost the length of one’s palm. Gently flip it open, to unveil the fresh & meaty oyster, topped with house tangy chili blend, I’d call it the Asian Salsa.

15043798_154933554981140_2009998557989306368_nThe signature skewers are all a la carte, and on the list has more than 40 items to choose from. Each skewer is good for 1 pax. So if you should be splitting the cost with your companions, everyone gets to try a bit of everything.

15043518_551469988396262_6844160433490755584_nThere were too many to list, but personally, I’ve enjoyed the following:
Cajun Roasted Chicken Mid-Wings, Squid Tentacles, Shishamo, Pleurotus Eryngii (aka King Oyster Mushroom), Beef Tendon and Mutton Leg Meat.

15099464_1762439537415033_2179704501244526592_nUnanimously, we all gave thumbs up for the Grilled Bread, 3 rounds of it, should suffice to suggest it’s a must try. What’s so special about butter- sugar on white bread? You have to try it for yourself to make your call.

From the Mains menu:

15056724_275001259568786_5602585813142470656_nChili Oil Tofu Skin Noodles – this is a familiar dish that’s common among most Northern Chinese menus. Not too overly spicy, has a light bounce to the bite, and the sauce has a light vinegarish acidity.

14533624_1211251542276810_8643995109131550720_nSpecial Seafood Combo – this is a huge communal pot of goodness that comes in 2 sizes. The $88 pot is good for a table of 4-6pax, while the $168 bucket is good for twice as many. Features a host of seafood comprising of; scallops, prawns, yabbie, flower crabs, mussels, quails eggs, mini octopuses, stacked on a bed of sliced potatoes & lotus roots, and all frolicking in a savory spicy broth.

15057226_1336220373125742_628655196339175424_nAnd towards the end, you can ask for complimentary top-up for the broth, and if it isn’t enough, order cold noodles to be added, so you can enjoy the concoction to the fullest, in literal sense.

In all, I’d consider BBQ Box 串烧工坊 to be a pretty convenient, no-frills, non-greasy outlet to satiate ones cravings or indulgence for BBQ & grills. Given their years of presence in Singapore, and reasonable rate of expansion, I’m inclined to believe that their seasoning & tastes have already been tuned to suit local palates.

15034912_1258490370891019_5050805497700024320_nNonetheless, purists can help themselves to the sauces, vinegar, chili oils & fresh garlic at the tables, so they make their own adjustments to increase flavor, to their own liking.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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