Yi Pin Bak Kut Teh – Invited Tasting

Yi Pin Bak Kut Teh 一品肉骨茶
Blk 530 #01-2381
Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
Singapore 560530
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Yi-Pin-Bak-Kut-Teh-501628920024019/

If anyone is familiar with Cheng San Market & Food Centre and the Cheng San Town Council, you will find Yi Pin Bak Kut Teh (YPBKT) sandwiched between to the S-11 Coffeeshop & a standalone fruit retailer, at the foot of block 530 and facing the open air car park.

15306806_220645905044017_7006308557154942976_nAt first glance, I thought it might have been a branch off from another Johor-ian franchise of sorts, only to find out that it’s a local born & bred establishment, launched in March 2016. Don’t be fooled by their humble façade, for they now have a new outlet in Guangzhou China too.

No. 6 Xing Bao Ming Zhu Garden Phase 2 Block 12 #01-15
Xing Bao Road, Sha Xi Town, Zhong Shan City
Guangzhou, China

They’re a simple & cozy little joint that seats about 35-40 inside, and another 12-16 outside, indoor is fully air-conditioned offering respite from our tropical climate. Now, while the year-end is wet & chilly, having some comforting BKT is pretty appropriate. They operate daily from lunch till 2am, so I guess is a place to visit for after parties too.

15306784_1779252468958072_8399477900801212416_nThe Herbal BKT combo – comprises of ribs + pork belly & lean pork slices, in herbal soup accompanied with bean curd skin, golden mushrooms, bits of Chinese herbal ingredients & lettuce. This soup has a mild woody herbal fragrance in the aftertaste.
(Unlike some herbal BKT elsewhere that taste more medicinal than herbal)

15306594_388729174794818_190323899399929856_nPepper BKT combo – also comprise of similar ingredients as the former, but with a pepper & garlic based soup, and no traces of herbal matter. To some extent, it is somewhat familiar, yet different from typical clear BKT soups.

14719093_1881079722116946_3645027040605765632_nBraised Large Intestines – is no stranger to most BKT establishments. This is not too salty, has a light hue of sweet aftertaste, most importantly, has a light bounce to every bite. I like it.

15337275_1605885269719317_3616340408574935040_nHK Kailan is nicely stir fried in oyster sauce, is crunchy sweet. I feel is not quite common to find greens at such balanced doneness. For a meatarian to enjoy the greens, is no easy feat.

15337060_1515534611795924_4891612792571822080_nClaypot Braised Trotters – nicely done, the meat comes off the bones effortless. Rinse it down with the pepper soup base, or go with plain rice for best effect. I polished it off, bone dry. Good or not, u decide

15251687_113448339147466_2861937297182425088_nLast but not least, some fresh cut fried crunchy Fried Fritters to soak up the goodness of the soups, is something most BKT lovers have enjoyed since childhood.

I find their concept to be family friendly and their signatures being variants of BKT, should be something that people residing or working in proximity would appreciate. Tapping onto their past midnight operations, perhaps cabbies/ Uber & Grab drivers would want to reward themselves with, after a night’s worth of driving.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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