Times Square – Media Invite

Times Square
86 East Coast Road #01-05/06/07
Katong Square
Singapore 428788
T: +65 6344 0240
E: reservations@timessquare.com.sg
HGW reservation: https://goo.gl/NVFzyW

15538585_316521418747781_2632680468432027648_nAlas, the conservation site of the stoic iconic Joo Chiat Police Station in Katong has been refurbished & now renamed, Katong Square. Located next to the infamous I12 Katong mall, this white washed colonial architecture is impossible to miss. And it fronts Hotel Indigo, and 1 min walk from Holiday Inn Express.

The quiet little Katong precinct was once upon a time, the hippest happening hype of the island, during the post-independence era of Singapore. And in the recent decade, much has been done to bring back the glory days, appealing to the residences (locals & expatriates) inclined towards modern lifestyles of the affluent working class.

15306096_814542112019947_8403008333853753344_nLaunched in November 2016, Times Square is a restaurant that offers American inspired menu of both, good food & interesting beverage concoctions. Designed with the intent to bring NYC to Katong, offering diners a glimpse of New York, minus the need of your passport and 20+ hours of back breaking jet-lag.

Occupying 3 units of the 1st level, Times Square is decorated with motifs, colors, art & paintings that reminisce of NYC. It can seat more than 80pax comfortably- the layout of each section (unit floor space) is unique, where different table sizes can take varied number of diners. The section closest to the Taxi Stand entrance, boasts of a huge wall projection screening cartoon, to keep the young-lings tamed in their seats, and most certainly can be reserved for private functions too.

15538980_573259249536570_2484655468547407872_nThe kitchen is helmed by Chef Paul Then, who has decades of intercontinental culinary experience, and his wealth of knowledge in ingredients & techniques are to be reckoned as you dine along. His crew pride themselves in creating & crafting their dishes from scratch, and eventually, plating. They ensure freshness in their offerings, from the making of pastas & pastries from scratch, to the preparation & carving of portions, all done in-house.

The service crew fronting the line, displays good American/ Aussie cordial hospitality, and has pretty good knowledge of the menu, suffice to offer recommendations; should you be spoiled for choice, or if you’re undecided, while glossing the menu. Expect to be pampered like a fimine dining guest, because they change the side plates after every dish, and periodically check on your dining satisfaction too.

14624358_536911753175107_1612844774669156352_nBefore we get down to the dishes, there’s always lemon laced water, iced or warm if you prefer. But I will say that the Chocolate Milkshake & Strawberry Milkshake, are 2 of the best I’ve tasted in quite a long while. Their textures are thick & smooth and not overbearingly sweet. For the Strawberry Milkshake, there’s actually a fresh tingle of blended strawberry. And most importantly, do not melt down into diluted watery puddles.

15538431_1782804035314156_4762672174924300288_nPrawn & Crabmeat Slaw – deshelled poached prawns, accompanied with sweet savory tasted deshelled crab meat, on tapenade, on purple cabbage lightly pickled, on a bed of thin sliced carrots… Taste grows on you

15306669_652712681569478_3101835070617419776_nTomato Confit – a flaky filo pastry base, stacked with baked provolone cheese & mesclun salad on top. The tomatoes are oven roasted, and the natural sweetness locked in. Nice!

15539019_264171157333207_4102485411757031424_nSalted Salmon Salad – is composed with haricot beans, herb sprinkled roasted baby potatoes, with twirls of salted salmon standing out, all glazed with Tarragon Bearnaise sauce and topped with a runny poached egg. I like!

California Crab Cakes – deshelled crab meat, rolled like a tart, coupled with trio peppers & fresh herbs. It’s not every day that anyone gets to ingest crab, without getting hands messy. Enjoyed it much

Roast Spicy Lamb Pizza – in-house pizza dough made from scratch, stacked with spicy lamb buts, chorizos slices, onions, trio pepper strips. All thorough baked via a state of the art conveyor belt oven, gives it a kiln oven finished fragrance. And topped with fetta cheese bits before serving

Seafood Otah Pizza – Like the former, in-house pizza dough made from scratch, fired through the state of the art oven. Stacked with a host of seafood; scallops, mussels, prawns, in-house mackerel otah & sambal belachan chili. I’ll be back for more. Something that Singaporeans should fall head over heels with, because I did!

15534931_1819788964902193_5565471729427415040_nParmesan & Pepper flakes, if u need to jazz the pizza up a little

14591131_297385400657961_4323237857368997888_nCurry Pilaf Au Gratin, Seafood – HK style inspired, piping hot, flavorful, fragrant pilaf rice, blanketed with a layer of molten cheese. Mild curry seasoned seafood; scallops, mussels, prawns & bits of broccoli. Comforting! Shiok!

15306733_1801621570092962_441737991983988736_nTimes Square Lobster Capellini Pasta – deshelled Boston lobster, accompanied with sliced crunchy sweet asparagus, stacked on compact rolled angel hair, laced with butter & truffle sauce. Mix it thorough, let the pasta soak in, before u munch… and thank me later

15337226_1821933524747588_1424973838466154496_nSingapore Chili Crab Pasta – deshelled crab meat in chili crab sauce, with strips of pepper, scallops, mussels, prawns in the mix, topped with a runny poached egg. The sauce is somewhat different from typical chili crab sauce. Perhaps, the fun is in mixing the broken yolk.

15306688_1133763296740017_8509212373888794624_nTimes Square Bagel Beef Burger – the bagel is in-house made from scratch, altered to be less tough, to accommodate local palates. Cheese intensive with layers & in the patty, sherry mushroom sauce & onion marmalade.

Lamb Chop Macadamia Crust – to me was the highlight, took my breath away. Succulent med rare tender & juicy, perched on bacon wrapped medallions, topped with bread crumbs. And the herb laced bearnaise sauce goes nicely with the proteins. Thin sliced rolled zucchini, radish & carrots, with seasonal purple cauliflower, dressed on a carrot puree together with the roasted baby potatoes.

Chocolate Sensation – is a minimalist combi platter, comprising of a good scoop of raspberry sorbet, seated on top of a crunch praline wafer biscuit with chocolate fill, and a flourless white chocolate sponge cake. The molten white chocolate leaking from the sponge, after a nudge. Dissect it down the middle & the oozing would be quite a spectacle

15251692_1752461078339686_6204906580714979328_nDeconstructed Strawberry Shortcake – is a riot of Caramelized Thousand Layers Pastry, Fresh Strawberries, and Strawberry Ice Cream, served in a martini glass. The rim is lined with evaporated strawberry, and it’s topped with a sheet of sugar crystal.

15535242_236130466821047_565871433125724160_nSphere – comprising of Warm Date Pudding, Sea Salt Butterscotch Sauce & a scoop of Maple Walnut Ice Cream. And a golden brown caramelized sugar hemispheric crown. Consider to use some coffee or tea for this

There’s a list of in-house cocktails on the menu that we got to sample. They bulk of the cocktails are citrus & lemon based. So if you have palate for acidic flavors, I think you will find something that suits your preference.

The conservation of the venue triggers nostalgia, while the décor & setup of Times Square, breathes a new breath of freshness, not quite as predictable as most other eateries. The elaborate attention to detail put into each dish, crafted & plated nicely to be served, tastes fresh & good. I reckon from pricing is simply screaming “best bang for buck”.

I foresee myself making an intentional trip to Katong to revisit Times Square. I should think that I don’t speak just for myself.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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