Competitive Eating – Sarah polished 88 wings in 8 minutes

Wing Zone (Buangkok)
Blk 277C #01-13 (2C)
Compassvale Link
(Buangkok Mrt – Exit B)
Singapore 543277
T: +65 6222 9464

I’m not a male chauvinist, but we know that biology is biased when food chugging is concerned. Considering skeletal structure of the jawline, bite force strength, capacity of the stomach, acid activity to breakdown food, as well as digestion etc. the majority percentile male has advantage over majority percentile female.

We’ve all heard much about the shocking or awe inspiring feats that competitive eaters have accomplished, on & offline. It didn’t surprise me much, when personal trainers like; Zermatt & Jimmy were in the scene, and for them to be enlisted into Food League Singapore, seemed natural.

Truthfully, I didn’t really pay much attention to all that hype, not until Sarah “Mrs Wong” Ow, came into the scene. When I saw the viral video of Sarah putting away 8 bowls of Lor Mee, I was instantly a fan. I mean, why not?

She’s a flight attendant, she’s ultra slim, she looks amazing even in un-glamourous moments, chugging food down. Her pace & capacity suffice to have viewers jaws touch the floor, and stay there.

As a foodie, I enjoy face stuffing. And sometimes, when I’m in the mood, I reckon I can put food away faster than friends around me. In all my years of food tasting/ reviewing, blogging & quite recently social media-ing, I’ve come across quite a few impressive eaters too.
I chanced upon the open invitation for FLS Amateurs Championship, hosted by Food League Singapore, sponsored by Wing Zone, and I thought, we only live once, and I won’t know my personal best, until I participate – so I signed up for it.

Objective: fastest to finish 20 Habanero Nuclear Wings wins (Warning: don’t try this at home!)

No prizes for guessing – I didn’t win. The winner & 2 runners-up were younger, fitter & famished! The 2 runners-up (±5min 30sec) were aqua ruggers, came straight after a morning of training. The winner (5min+), came straight from finishing his IPPT. Not to mention, the blistering hot afternoon didn’t help.

I couldn’t be prouder of my personal best: 13 wings when the clock stopped at ±5min 30sec

The main event the crowd & media waited for, was for the Professional Competitive Eaters to take the stage. For their category, the rules of the game were different to the Amateurs, earlier.

Objective: finisher of the most wings in 8min regulation time wins (Warning: don’t try this at home!)

I knew statistically, the boys stood the better chance of winning, but I had my money on Sarah. She’s the only female on stage, and clearly a titan in her own capacity. The crowd loves her, I gawk at her, and so does the media.

Zermatt outshone everyone, winning the coveted title as Champion with 92 wings in 8mins. His pace was insane, and towards the end when the clock wound down, he quickened his pace further.
15875837_1646414898993247_5748451243341119488_nTo me, the limelight belonged to Sarah. She put away 88 wings in 8mins, looked amazing throughout the battle, didn’t break a sweat, and flashed a few glances in between for the cameras. And when the competition was over, she grinned and continued with more unfinished wings (off stage) in the stash.

At the end of the day, win or lose, it doesn’t really matter. Everyone that participated, each earned their bragging rights, for clocking their personal best.
Would I attempt another competitive eating competition?

Well, my take away/ lesson learned… be wise & pick your battles. Those Habanero Nuclear Wings at that pace we went, was pretty nasty. But, let’s just say, I wouldn’t deny myself another competition, if the food selection was more manageable or palatable.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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