JIM GARDEN 珍厨明苑私房菜 – Media Tasting

JIM GARDEN 珍厨明苑私房菜
4 Craig Rd,
Singapore 089664
T: +65 6908 0569
HGW: http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/jim-garden-cantonment-tanjong-pagar-chinatown/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Jim-Garden-380643725630684/
Opens daily: 1100~2300hrs

TableDB Reservations: https://goo.gl/Fpqjch
T: +65 6884 6884

Jim Garden 珍厨明苑私房菜 is a new oriental diner in town, and they had their grand opening just some weeks ago. Located on Craig Road; adjacent to Tanjong Pagar Road, merely 3min walk from Pinnacles @ Duxton (via Yan Kit Road).

They’re a good alternative to the saturation of Japanese & Korean cuisines in the proximity. Jim Garden 珍厨明苑私房菜 offers a good selection of affordable curated Chinese culinary (from different parts of mainland China – largely Northern), of which, most of the dishes accommodate local palates.

The façade & interior décor is screaming with contemporary oriental colors, essences & motifs, so they’re impossible to miss. By estimate, can accommodate approximately 50-60pax.
16584950_656769717858183_5070865696506773504_nJim Garden 珍厨明苑私房菜 is helmed by Chef Jim 赵明 (Zhao Ming); ranked Top 10 Up & Coming Chefs in China. He curates, designs & plans the menu. In order to uphold standards & quality for the dishes, some dishes are while stock last due to ingredient scarcity locally. Recommended to make prior reservations & request if necessary. This is a certainty that they ensure nothing but the best; that they have to offer.

The floor is staffed with a crew of hospitable wait-staff, equipped with good knowledge of the menu. I was impressed that they come around to replace the side plates regularly. Be mindful that service attention as always, is subject to staff to customer ratio.

In this seating, I was privileged to be among the folks of HungryGoWhere, Ivan Teh Runningman & Purple Tastes. And we were introduced to some of their Signatures & best sellers:

16585711_288938861523389_3923389226883743744_nSweet & Sour Seabass 糖醋金目鲈鱼 – the fish is deboned down the middle, fried to a crunchy finish, topped with red onion rings, doused with a tangy sweet sauce (made from fresh squeezed orange & citrus fruits), and drizzled with fried peanuts & sesame seeds. Unlike anything I’ve tasted before, the meat doesn’t flake easily, and the crunchy batter doesn’t turn soggy under the sauce. Must try!

16585680_167259743777466_7361849733784010752_nQiubi Prawn 丘比虾仁 – the shells are removed, fried with light layer of flour, and coated with a lemon zesty, lightly sweetened house-made mayonnaise, and sprinkled with chopped dragon fruit. The doneness of the prawns is quite impressive; bouncy crunch & juicy in every bite. The more you have it, the more you want to have it.

16788659_1598008143542983_3029899028448935936_nGold Medal Pork Rib with Pineapple 金牌西波排骨 – the pork ribs are stir fried in a smoky savory sauce, lined parallel with lettuce leaves, and grilled pineapple cubes. The taste is quite heavy for this, so I think would go pretty well with plain rice, soup, or liquid gold (beer).

16584848_1306054222807264_3475160676027072512_nStewed Pork with Brown Sauce 私房红烧肉 – pork belly cubes stir fried in a savory secret sauce, juicy & bouncy to the bite, and lined with lightly fried crunchy Chinese spinach leaves all round. This too is a good dish to go with plain rice, soup or liquid gold (beer)

16585572_224247968045767_5463655058614779904_nSautéed Tender Meat with Black Fungus 东北大酱烧芸土非 – I’m not usually a fan of black fungi, but the crunchy texture of the complete fungi petals, makes it quite a delightful dish. Accompanied with thin sliced lean pork, glazed with the peppered sauce. Pretty good on its own.

16789302_1905615336350237_8483684007404371968_nBraised Tofu in Special Sauce 风味酱焖豆腐 – appears to be a rather familiar dish, yet, with a slight twist to the texture & flavor. The tofu texture is nice & firm on the surface, and melts in the mouth. A little pepperish in the after taste, so I think should go well with plain rice, soup or liquid gold (beer) as well.

16585649_1844726599100119_2420620211993444352_nStew Pork Feet in Chinese Cabbage 猪手顿白菜 – trotter is clean, tender & juicy with bounce to the bite, accompanied with porous sponge-like tofu, Chinese cabbage leaves, as well as clear glass noodles. The soup base is a savory broth, and lightly sweetened by the cabbage leaves. We all felt this soup was good enough for a meal for 1pax on its own.

Like most Chinese dining sequences, the carbs & pastries are rolled up to cap the meal, before desserts is served.

16583929_980946458704057_6272229377035993088_nWealth Dumpling 百财水饺 – this dumpling skin is laced with essence of Chinese spinach, giving it a green finishing on the edges, filled with minced pork & condiments, comes with a little squirt of soup when the dumpling skin bursts. Served steaming hot, recommended to consume before it cools off.

Traditional Pan-fried Bun stuffed with Pork 生煎包 – the skin is coated with sesame seed, thick & somewhat starchy/ glutinous, and the filling is similar with the Wealth Dumpling, but hardly any squirt.

Traditional Pan-fried Dumpling (Guo Tie) 锅贴 – this item needs no introduction. Fried to a light crisp on the skin, gives it an interesting contrast to the 2 other types of dumplings. Delicious on its own, and if you prefer, use the dark vinegar or chili oil for dips.

Milo Scented Bun with Red Bean Paste filling 豆沙包 – an eye opener for all of us, the sponge-like skin is scented with milo, while the key element is in the sesame seed laced red bean filling. I’m not much of a sweet tooth person, and I actually liked this fusion creation.

16583578_223535338112127_4618606018195095552_nPapaya Jelly 木瓜冻 – the papaya is ripe & sweet, and the coconut jelly is naturally fragrant. Unanimously, we were all curious how the coconut jelly remained perched & didn’t dislodge. We were enlightened that the secret is strictly due to freshness of ingredients & currency of preparation.

What impresses me about Jim Garden 珍厨明苑私房菜, is their strong emphasis in displaying the pride of Chinese culinary; drawing the best of natural flavors & textures from the ingredients; from cutting, to heating, to plating; tapping on the sciences of different food elements to deliver unadulterated tastes. Prices are affordable, making it a good choice location for budget friendly; delicious; nourishing & healthy daily meals.

* Now, for a limited period, they’re having incredibly pocket friendly dine-in lunch promotion, limited to first 50 customers daily. Don’t wait, try it to believe.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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