Kyoaji Dining (京味) – Media Tasting

Kyoaji Dining (京味)
176 Orchard Road
The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843
T: +65 6694 4068 / 3058

Opening hours –
Mon – Fri
1130 to 1500hrs (last order 1430hrs)
1730 to 2230hrs (last order 2200hrs)

Sat, Sun & Public Holidays
1130 to 2230hrs (last order 2200hrs)

HGW Deal:
T: +65 6884 6884

* Ardent fans & followers of Fukuichi Japanese Dining, your search ends here.

Located on level 4 of The Centrepoint on Orchard Road, Kyoaji Dining (京味) is just next to the lift lobby and faces the escalator. The serene setting of level 4 is a hideaway from the bustling of shoppers & open foyer on the lower levels.

Executive Chef John Phua, with more than 3 decades of Japanese culinary experience under his belt; together with his missus and entire crew from the former FJD, are here to rekindle the kinship with their loyal customers (from the now defunct FJD), and new customers – at Kyoaji Dining (京味)

At first sight upon reaching level 4, the façade gives as sense of authenticity, while the sounds of operation seeps through the open door has a comforting homely warmth of Izakaya bars. Evidently, granted the display of Sake casks at the door, bottles on the wall, on the tap and in the chiller, these are some of the telltale signs; of what good stuff is in store, and would be served at the table.

The floor comprises of tables in neat rows; set for 2, 4 seaters, and a row to accommodate varied number of guests ranging 6-8pax. By estimate, the entire floor can seat up to 40pax comfortably (not including sushi bar).

16583163_419974848348888_6618527290122829824_nSushi & Sashimi cannot be fresher than straight from the Chef’s hands, so if you must indulge, do not deny yourself the pleasure of witnessing your Sushi/ Sashimi; prepared 2 feet from your seat, at the Sushi Counter.

The owner also owns his vessel operation, and Kyoaji Dining (京味) prides itself at offering the freshest catches. Their fishes are flown in several times a week, to ensure the stock is fresh & current. Hence, Omakaze is a big draw for the lovers.

16585535_1069217229850467_5326766578216206336_n16583634_1843982735857210_3011031469045841920_nHakkaisan Junmai Ginjo Sake (720ml) is served chilled, accompanied with assorted glass shooters and a glass Sake decanter, set in a tub of ice… Smooth, fragrant & clear tasting, with a mild escalation of sweetness in aftertaste. Great drink for many occasions.

16906204_202396016905143_7366922751585550336_nWhat’s unique about Sake, is that the character evolves when temperature shifts, and the prickle intensifies when left to sit for a little while.

16585358_1260653687361478_4808699110347505664_nKani Tofu – in-house handmade silky tofu, stuffed with crab stick, topped with century egg yolk puree, and crumbles of clear jelly-like century egg white, accompanied with fine strips of scallion. The contrast between intense and mellow in flavors, makes this pretty interesting.
Get this: I’m not usually a big fan of century eggs, but I polished it clean

16585134_1806602056032850_4677393696591708160_nJyo Sashimi – a concerto of finest selections; direct from the owners vessel, as well as fisheries in Japan.
Featured: Maguro Otoro, Aji, Amaebi, Mekajiki, Salmon Hara & Hotate
The crunch when you munch; bouncy texture as you chew, and the fatty juices of the Maguro Otoro & Salmon Hara lining the insides of the mouth, is memorizing.
For a moment, there was complete silence at the table; everyone was just savoring the goodness. I didn’t think it was necessary to use the Shoyu & wasabi, because I wanted to just immerse in the natural flavors.

16585433_652964564905311_6626186818834399232_nCaterpillar Maki – avocado strips blanketing sushi rice wrapped fillings comprising of; unagi, tempura prawns, cucumber strips & tobiko, piped with a little Japanese mayo. And at the end of the line, a flower shaped from sweet ginger strips.
I guess overdosing on nature’s butter should be quite alright for the heart.

16788655_1617333181615142_2891234411569741824_nFagura Chawanmushi – the texture is silky smooth that melts in the mouth, reveals bouncy bits of kamaboko & scallion strips. Doused like yin-yang symbol with umami foie gras gravy, decked with diced fatty foie gras & fresh ikura for popping.
I can almost see myself reenact the infamous Oliver Twist’s one-liner “Please Sir, can I have some more?”

16585571_1312525535492472_721693211696824320_nShiro Maguro Aburi Maki – also casually nicknamed white tuna. Torch seared tuna on a rice roll that wraps around Japanese mayo laced crab meat, cucumber & takuan, and topped with tobiko. There’s a smoky tingle to the taste, so for those who don’t take raw fish, should have reason to feast too.

16788419_263936990716787_3343167539222937600_nGyuniku Fagura – juicy cubes of teppanyaki seared medium rare beef, stacked like pyramid, drizzled with umami foie gras gravy, topped with a pinch of ground carrot, accompanied with a pickled scallion stalk. Meat, glorious meat! I would revisit just for this.

16908927_977412935722304_7984155967732318208_nEbi Teppanyaki – nicely plated prawns that underwent baptism on the hot plate, taste transitions from smoky savory to a buttery sweet aftertaste. Good bounce to each bite, and most importantly, the head is shelled for easy access to the cream coated roe. Must try!

16585400_785998411552272_4831207625196568576_nImo Manju – a ball of naturally sweet yam paste (芋泥) with traces of yam, teriyaki unagi & mushroom bits, topped with strips of crab meat, bathed in a savory fish broth. An interesting twist to the name of the dish. Try it!

16585400_1144590685650982_908803500601769984_nHiyashi Gyomen – chilled pink bouncy noodles made from fish meat, topped with nori strips. Accompanied with a cup of chilled mentsuyu, chopped scallions & ground ginger.
Note: Due to stringent health standards & elaborate manufacture, portion is small. 2 mouths and all gone. I’ll be back for more!

16585033_1000207223414576_8994844446306598912_nUnagi Tofu – teriyaki unagi perched on an oblong portion of in-house handmade tofu. The tofu packs textures & tastes of ground protein, plated with little mushroom caps. Doused with an earthy salty-to-sweet tasting sauce.

All in all, I was pretty impressed upon entrance, and awed by the dishes served; from beginning to the last. There are more than one example that distinguishes what Kyoaji Dining (京味) is about; evidently, in a different league from many local Japanese diners. So if you’ve an esteemed guest, a distinguish client/ associate, a significant other, simply put, someone you need to impress, this is one good joint to visit.

– –
Lunch hour is precious, and not quite sufficient time for an elaborate meal. Professionals within proximity should also consider the good value for money lunch sets. Prices ranging between $16++ to $35++ should interest different palates & appetite.

14556651-1585707938402775-7907311037519011202-oThe Sushi Gozen Set (source credit) – comprises of a salad, chawanmushi, miso soup, udon & assorted fresh sushi

The Bento Set
(source credits) – comprises of a salad, chawanmushi, miso soup, assorted tempura, assorted sashimi, teriyaki unagi and rice.

* Valid until 31 March, 2017 – check out The Hungry Deal.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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