Decadent Sunday Champagne Brunch – Seasonal Tastes

Seasonal Tastes
12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2
The Westin Singapore, Level 32
Singapore 018961
T: +65 6922 6968

Decadent Sunday Champagne Brunch – Sundays, from 1200 to 1500hrs
Priced: $148++* or $88++^ per adult | $44++ per child
*Inclusive of free-flow of champagne, wine, beer, selected cocktails and soft drinks.
^Inclusive of a glass of champagne, wine, beer, selected cocktail or soft drink.

The Westin Singapore is tucked away in a quiet corner of the CBD, in Asia Square Tower 2. Just a short walking distance from Downtown MRT station, and/or from Lau-Pa-Sat aka Telok Ayer Market. Flanked by towering skyscrapers, dining at level 32 offers a view of the Keppel harbor, as well as a peek of the Marina floating platform, the Singapore Flyer, and the Sports Hub.

As the saying goes, Sundays are fun days. If you want to avoid time wasting, fighting for a parking lot, and you want to escape from the crowded Singaporean haunts; to have your quiet & peaceful Sunday brunch buffetSeasonal Tastes is the place to be.

Be greeted with friendly hospitality from the Service Crew on the floor, and behind the live stations. Seasonal Tastes offers a buffet spread of intercontinental dishes. And to remind you that you’re in Singapore and not anywhere else, there will be some familiar dishes in the spread.

When you’re ushered to your seat, be sure to ask for you Champagnes or Wines, Beers or Soft drinks; take a moment to sip & chill, and you’re ready to have your fill with the buffet spread.Like a marathon, my strategy is always to pace myself, and so it’s always good to build up towards a crescendo.

Starting with the Charcuterie, Cheeses & Salads, the cool temperature & the strong flavors arouse the palates, and then the system warms up for more.

Fresh Crustaceans, Sushi & Sashimi, fresh shucked Oysters, Canadian Lobsters are some of my favorites. They’re juicy, succulent & sweet. I didn’t think it was necessary for much of the dips & mayo provided, but go ahead & have some, just for kicks.

Cooked Stations offer 2 camps of piping hot dishes, featuring familiar local/oriental dishes, and Indian flavors too. I have to admit that being local, I had to prioritize my caloric intake, by going for some of the less common stuff. Nonetheless, having tasted some of the familiar fairs, I felt they were nicely done & comforting.

There’s also a dedicated station that features some selects from Cook & Brew (level 33), and it’s no surprise that there’s a beeline headed for the Aussie Tomahawk, Maple Miso Salmon & Truffle Fried Chicken. I consider myself a bona fide meat-arian, and I was having a ball of my time. The done-ness of the Tomahawk is immaculate, tender & juicy; the Salmon is buttery, flavorful & mild sweet taste; the Truffle Fried Chicken will make you go like LeeLoo (from the movie Fifth Element) – “CHEEE-KEN”

Enough is just never quite enough, without doubt, the sizzles of the Live Stations excite me much. Pick your choices of ingredients at the Stir Fry Station, and the crew gets cracking.

17125875_339693286427269_8287453754878328832_nAt the Grills Station, pick your choice of T-bone (I’m sure was at least 300gm), Lamb Rack (almost half the size of the T-bone), and some in-house made Sausages (girth as thick as typical bratwurst). The T-Bone & Lamb Rack are thick, so I made a wise choice in having them done rare, cos I don’t need a sculpted jawline.

There’s also the Pasta Station, choose your pastas & sauce, or you can be creative, and use the sauces/ gravies from the earlier mentioned cooked stations – try the beef stew, or chili crab, or masala. Help yourself to some of the Italian sides & entrees too.

Last and definitely not the least, the Dessert Station! I’m not much of a sweet tooth person, but I can’t help but be impressed with how much the Dessert Chef & team rolls out. Having patronized many buffet brunches, I have to say that the Dessert Station here packs a really huge variety.

Lemon Meringue Macaroons – unlike most others that causes pupil dilation, I actually liked this version pretty much. The citrus & zest is refreshing, and goes well with the champagne.

16908158_1399428646754557_8856382861121421312_nThe Basil Leaves Cake is one of kind. I was apprehensive, but it turned out to be ‘love at first bite’. Texture reminds me of carrot cake, but with the hues & fragrance of the basil, I cleaned it off my plate.

16908812_1462462180461941_2425831772555051008_nCrème Custard has a thin layer of caramel on top, with lychee skirting the perimeter. Nicely balanced flavors, not overbearing sweet, but pretty filling. I wouldn’t mind having this for a birthday cake.

17125527_184285268734528_887640560351838208_nMango Pudding Cake has rich natural mango fragrance & flavor, pay close attention and you just might taste bits of mango fibers too. Texture is soft like tofu, I did a double take of the Crème Custard, just to be sure of my preference.

16907068_228341564300677_2103441928065384448_nThe Sorbets are also in-house formulated, and they’re a big hit with the young, and the young at heart. The toppings are aplenty, so go ahead & have your sugar high finale~!

All in all, I find the variety, quality & quantity for this buffet spread to be exciting, palatable for locals & travelers. Personally, I don’t have a habit of touching alcohol while the sun still shines, so from price point, $88++ per adult is money worth spending.

Gentle reminder to motorists: don’t drink & drive

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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