Cook & Brew @ Westin – Media Invite

Cook & Brew
12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2
The Westin Singapore, Level 33
Singapore 018961
T: +65 6922 6948

Monday to Thursday 1100 to 0000hrs
Friday 1100 to 0100hrs
Saturday 1700 to 0000hrs
Sunday Open for Private Events

Located just 1 level above Seasonal Tastes, Cook & Brew is a high level (literally level 33) gastropub at Westin, designed to offer respite for office executives in the vicinity, for, lunch, dinner, desserts, bar fares… to go with liquid diet, in the form of a pretty comprehensive list of brews, beers, wines & whiskeys.

There’s something unique about the dark timber finishes, leather/ hide wrapped chairs & dim lit pendants; that has the old rustic ranch like wild-west atmosphere. Albeit less rowdy & a more upmarket.

If you don’t already know by now, Cook & Brew is helmed by Executive Chef Aaron Foster, a widely traveled & wealthily experienced man of his craft, who hails from Canada. And staffed with a cherry picked crew & trusted hands, that makes the dining experience mention worthy.

Enjoying the southern sea view towards the horizon between our island & Indonesia, sipping away on some iced cold cocktails or mocktails, can be pretty satisfying. Especially, when one celebrates his/her daily accomplishments.

17268295_228568707548093_7711226416867573760_nWhipped Buffalo Milk Ricotta is laced with truffle & honey. Accompanied with in-house baked & grill toasted bread. Lightly crisp on the outside, spongey on the inside. Break your bread and be generous with the spread. Loved it!

17265475_1786899068241232_3967309893165121536_nKorean Beef Carpaccio – thin sliced USDA beef with marble grains, drizzled with 고추장 (gochu-jang) & a light buttery tangy cream, sprinkled with cucumber kimchi and a skewer of tornado potato on top. This mixture of cow, crispy potatoes and strong flavors from the sauces, is quite interesting to the palates. I could use some soju/ sake to pair with this.

17333442_718794438290388_7892405626519683072_nPahd Thai Fries – this creation is really something. Sweet potatoes fries/chips stir fried with tangy sweet tamarind laced Pahd Thai sauce, topped with prawns & chicken slices, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts & dried sakura shrimps. Squeeze the kaffir lime over, for a jab of citrus. Expect it to be a little soft as u go along (think poutine but less soggy), and recollect your memoirs in the Land of Smiles.

17332467_1785211715132252_1434393307336671232_nMaple Miso Cod earns a thumbs up from all 12 in attendance. The cod is nicely done, doesn’t flake when the knife sinks in, with a sweet savory external glaze that doesn’t overwhelm the fish. Accompanied with a blanched stalk of kailan & thin slice beets. BMI & weight watchers can go ahead & indulge in this. No guilt, none whatsoever.

17126986_431253800555553_3756719726722547712_nDean Martin Shrimp Cocktail, is quite an engineering feat in terms of presentation. A skewer of sautéed crunchy bouncy juicy tiger prawns, plunged into a garlic mash, laced with whiskey buerre blanc, decked with flora & umbrella… Served in a double diameter margarita glass. It’s worth a visit (multiple revisits, if u please).

17332510_230539444087537_2602682265058148352_nTruffle Fried Chicken, served piping hot, light crispy on the outside, moist & juicy on the inside. Each bite bursting with the woody fragrance of truffles… It’s served with a tangy sweet pepper-ish dip, but i prefer the chicken on its own. Lovely!

17333926_1846790745562388_2697070296011112448_nCook & Brew’s Cassoulet is a comforting pot of house-made duck, foie gras sausages, lamb shank confit, topped with a 2.5-3″ cut of foie gras, with some diced vegetables. Accompanied with slices of grill toasted in-house baked bread. Talking about expensive taste, a flute of wine to go with this should be just right.

17333757_614387895427739_1976131924816560128_nAnna Olson’s Steamed Carrot Cake, the cake doesn’t crumble like most carrot cakes, is soft & moist, layered with cream cheese & sorbet, and decked with roasted sliced almonds… sitting on a spread of caramel vanilla sauce. I’ve always had preference for savory, and this went well for my palates.

17333829_1471478652885963_2490337873488773120_nCaramel Butter Tart, there’s tonka bean Chantilly, caramelized macadamia nuts, slices of blood orange & in-house concocted blood orange sorbet. The caramel isn’t overwhelming sweet, and the strong citrus from the blood orange slice & sorbet; brings balance to the force.

All in all, if you’re looking to seclude yourself from typical crowds during your lunch or dinner or after office hour relief; to loosen up the neck tie, for some comforting food, over booze or wine; this is your place to be.

Most restaurants in town would be super packed during lunch & dinner, and reservations sometimes can disappoint as well. But many forget that there are restaurants in hotels, and usually less crowded than in commercial buildings. Having considered the ambience, quality of food, portion size, services rendered, and price point; I feel it is good bang-for-buck to be dining at Cook & Brew.

Gentle reminder to motorists: don’t drink & drive

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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