蛙功夫 (Wah! Kungfu) – Media Invite

蛙功夫 (Wah! Kungfu)
76 Pagoda Street
Singapore 059235
T: +65 6885 5981
E: hunantraditional@gmail.com

Amidst the hustle & bustle of rustic Chinatown in Singapore, locals & tourists would be dazzled with the sights, sounds & tastes of local & mainland Chinese delicacies. Pagoda Street (Exit A – Chinatown MRT Station, NE4/DT19) leads visitors to the Chinatown Heritage Centre. But, just as u make it up to street level via the escalator, pay attention to the eateries on the left.

蛙功夫 (Wah! Kungfu), is a spanking new novelty restaurant that features 1 of Asian’s all-time favorite – Bullfrogs, in 10 different culinary styles/ tastes from the Central Plains of China. To raise the notch, the interior décor applies the concept of pubs, cold industrial metallic furnishes, cold cathode & LED illumination and slightly below 25°C air conditioning.

I must congratulate the owners & designers for their interesting play of elements, colors & material that are better appreciated with the food, making the experience holistic. Some may find the frog themed décor to be somewhat kitsch & overwhelming, but I think therein lies some wicked humor to the theme.

The dishes & signatures are somewhat spicy, and the spice factor is indicated on the menu. So, in case of fire, you need to prep your quenchers well in advance:

金橘柠檬 Kumquat Lemon Juice, is a citrus zesty bittersweet thirst quencher, very appropriate to go with the Hunan/ Sichuan food concept

来电 (Electrify) is a pomegranate flavored fizzy beverage, served in bulb shaped glasses. Nice cooling breezer for a hot day

火辣的心 [含酒精] (Heart of Fiery Spice) is a house concocted kiwi flavored cocktail, topped with stalks of chili-padi for decor. Standby the tissue box, if u must do what few would do. Cos u can have others can’t, when u do what others won’t – chew & ingest that chili-padi

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the fiery showcase of hot picks from the menu.

17933769_415566258811561_3863413775281422336_n17883105_1305794852832325_5113268310892347392_n泡锅牛蛙- 香辣味 is the signature and has 3 chilies spice rating. The fat free bull frog, is lean and juicy, frolicking in the savory spicy cauldron, is very enjoyable. And to truly enjoy the 香辣味 u would want to order some a la carte vegetables to add into the pot as u go along. Here, we anticipate adding the black fungus, golden mushrooms & sliced potatoes into the mix. Must try

17495383_1821742414741656_8230206543811837952_n招牌烤鱼 is a good sized Sea-bass (probably 500-600g) halved down the middle, fried lightly before left to immerse in this chili bath. And served over a tray of charcoal embers. There’s a numbing sensation if u take on too much chili oil, so, if u can’t handle spice, let it drip off a little before putting in your plate.

17932665_1291462297639339_2271082103720378368_n平锅牛蛙-怪辣味 is of equivalent spice factor as the fish. The frog is lightly fried, before served in this chili oil bath. Not for the faint-hearted, but, we’re told, is 1 of the all-time crowd favorite. Goes well with iced cold beer!!
So now, who needs the gym & sauna, when u can break a good sweat as u eat? The 3 species of chilies in use is actually manageable. Cos I was chewing on them, like I normally would on salads.
Note: chili is a rich source of vitamin

17882570_217816442035837_6520679340890390528_n特色菜-虾蟹一锅 is a crustacean feature (Crab & Prawns), frolicking in savory chili laced broth, accompanied with sliced lotus roots and loads of chili.
Note: Disposable gloves r provided, so u can go ahead & unleash the beast

17932153_1672212973088442_5304825364122435584_n泡锅牛蛙-外婆酸菜味 is a less spicy rendition that features pickled mustard & vegetables. I reckon it offers respite from the chili burns in earlier mentioned dishes. Just for kicks, i alternate between the spicy ones and this version, to stretch my mileage a little. Must try

17883214_1289386331182422_1221314074202079232_n动动手-烤羊肉串 & 烤鸡翅 all-time favorites for sides, there’s something pretty unique & delicious about the dry rub. Will be back for more. Goes well with beer too!

17882918_1308312329223431_8500615674723303424_n动动手-爱情上上签 is a bowl of skewered vegetables, all boiled in soup & served cooked. The soup tastes somewhat intense, otherwise the flavors won’t sink into the vegetables. Worth a try

17881962_1489358051109645_5163993244752674816_n牛蛙加点码-猪猪肠 thin sliced braised large intestines stir fried in chilies, also ordered separate as add-on to the earlier mentioned bullfrogs. But i find this to be a great dish on its own. It’s not every day that u find a place that does it bouncy to the bite. Must try

17882464_1968159963413439_6390397602524823552_n牛蛙加点码-蹦蹦虾 this bowl of QQ shrimps is bouncy juicy delicious, ordered separate as add-on to the earlier mentioned bullfrog pots. But we chose to keep them separated, just so we could savor the good taste, without influence of the chili oils or pickled veges. Must try

All in all, I was pretty amazed with the creativity in their dishes, and bull frogs (aka fat free chicken), just means weight watchers can feel no guilt/ shame, if they would go on a face stuffing frenzy. From this session alone, I witnessed that 蛙功夫 (Wah! Kungfu) is well patronized by the younger crowd, and seemingly popular among the girls upper floors.
Don’t wait till Fridays & Friday eves to indulge in post office happy hour. Have your happy hour over dinner any day of the week!

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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