Gila Durian @ The Peranakan – Invited Tasting

The Peranakan – Gila Durian
442 Orchard Road
Level 2 Claymore Connect
Singapore 238879
T: +65 6262 4428

Gila Durian, a celebration of an assortment of 2-3 cherry-picked prized durian subspecies (D24, XO & 猫山王 “Maoshan Wang” – MSW). In all my years of tastings & face stuffing experiences, I’ve never been pampered with Durian, fine-dining style before.

18252126_1513141665362553_5753437571522756608_nAt SGD 38++ per pax (minimum 2 pax), you & your durian kaki get to indulge in an 8 course durian feast, served in crystal-ware on a silver platter, and enjoy free-flow hot lemongrass/ pandan tea.

Appetizers comprise of Toasties with Durian Puree, followed with D24 Durian Pengat.

The Toasties are old school sliced & toasted bread without crust, with a dollop of Durian Puree. With this combination, no amount of prize winning kaya toast even comes close. Breakfast or lazy afternoon tea-break, I’m sure will brighten up the day.

D24 Durian Pengat – rich creamy almost custard-like texture of D24 concentrate, drizzled with molten gula Melaka. Looks innocent, but very potent.

Starters comes in the form of Pandan Chiffon Cake with D24 and Kampung Durian Puree.

According to CNN, pandan chiffon cake is touted as our national cake. I wasnt too sure if it stood on its own merits.But this Pandan Chiffon cake with D24, drizzled with gula melaka, showered with loads of roasted coconut shavings… Brings chiffon cake to a whole new level!

In this day & age, we have been spoiled to the core with upmarket special breed durians… And I appreciated this bowl of Kampung Durian Puree. Good old rustic flavor & velvety texture, mild alkalinity in the aftertaste, sweetness bolstered with a drizzle of gula melaka.

Then, they serve the Intermezzo of the day, to give our palates a little recess from the sweetness. We had a serving of crispy fried fish skin with a little clipping of cilantro.

For the Main course, there’s Pulot Enti D24, followed by Fragrant Rice with MSW

The Pulot Enti D24 is really quite a novelty. The ball of sticky glutinous rice comes in a nice shade of indigo (derived from the bunga telang aka blue pea flower), on a bed of D24 puree, and topped with fine julienned turmeric leaves.

The Fragrant Rice with MSW is a contrast to the earlier mentioned, so you get to enjoy the full dynamics of MSW without unadulterated. The rice helps to moderate the flavors a little, just so u want to have another scoop, right after u’ve put 1 in your mouth.

Finally, for the desserts, you have the D24 Durian Chendol is nothing like the secular fanfare u get out there. This is old school crushed & chipped ice, on a concoction of coconut milk & chendol, doused with gula melaka, topped with a dollop of mashed D24

I understand that weight watchers might be feeling faint about the calorie count, but with all due respect, Durian is nature’s GOLD, and almost impossible to reduce it to a healthier version.

Perhaps, one could compensate for the caloric intake, by means of going window-shopping from the west end of Orchard Road, on both flanks, and ending at Plaza Singapura. According to the map, should total approximately 4.4km, and not including mileage covered within each mall on this shopping belt.

I honestly have not come across another venue; offering Durians fine-dining style. And for the price stated, I believe durian lovers should find any reason/ excuse to indulge at The Peranakan.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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