Yoogane SG (Nex) – Media Invite

Yoogane SG – Media Invite

NEX (Newly Opened)
23 Serangoon Central #B1-28/29, Singapore 556083 | T: +65 6634 2887

313 Orchard Road #B3-37/38, Singapore 238895 | T: +65 6634 1840

200 Victoria Street #02-47/48, Singapore 188021 | T: +65 6337 7337

4 Tampines Central 5 #01-33A, Singapore 529510 | T: +65 6544 1098

3 Gateway Drive #03-08, Singapore 608532 | T: +65 6710 7821

W: http://yoogane.com.sg/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/yoogane.singapore/
Opens 1130hrs to 2200hrs daily

Yoogane hails from a little town in Busan, South Korea, since 1981. Originated as a simple old-school mom & pop kitchenette restaurant, has spread across various Korean cities, and earned its place as; one of the fast expanding & sought after franchise restaurants; in the region; from South Korea.

Just few days ago, Mayday marks the 3rd Anniversary of Yoogane SG, and the opening of their fifth & newest outlet located at Nex.

Curious it seems, Korean culinary, grills, stews, steamboats & kimchi is quite predictable. And they seem to all look & feel the same. Even the preparation, processes & cooking methods are very much the same! So… what is it that separates Yoogane from the rest of the pack, allowing them to spread like wildfire in South East Asia?

Like all connoisseurs would say “THE SECRET IS IN THE SAUCE”.

They carved their own niche, specializing in all things Galbi (갈비), and in particular- Chicken. The Galbi is a variant of grilled marinated protein, served fresh and cooked in a hot pan over the integrated stove in the table.

Yoogane maintains a consistent standard in their signature marinate sauces, that is shipped to all their franchisees; and is mandatory that all kitchen staff, must undergo some weeks of training in their Busan Home-base, before they’re certified proficient for Yoogane kitchens.

The brand is a hit for the young & trendy. And in Singapore’s instance; Korean culture fanatics and foodies.

The vibrant setting & modern vibe, allows for their Banchan (반찬) to be self-service & free-flow, via a mini refrigerated salad bar. And they rotate variations periodically. So you just might be having something different on your next visit, or, at a different outlet.
18443383_1301027450011485_3479806975942852608_n18444862_1912622858983759_9143753951756156928_nWe had the privilege of self-help portions of Kimchi (김치), Danmuji (단무지), Lettuce (sesame seed dressing) & Shredded cabbage (strawberry dressing). Refreshing I’d say!


In celebration of their 3rd Anniversary in Singapore, they introduce the Cheesy Duet Chicken Galbi – Signature sauce marinated chicken cubes, accompanied with assortment of Dokbokki (떡볶이 Long Rice Cake), Sweet Potato Dokbokki (고구마 떡볶이), leeks and sliced onions in a pan that comes with a moat filled with corn & cheese, as well as mushroom & cheese. The service staff is available to aid you with the stir frying, so you can better enjoy the food, without fear of it charring.

18299842_1676294522400342_4903058261940371456_nHaemul Pajeon (해물 파전 Seafood Pancake) – light, thin & crispy, so you can better enjoy the content of the prawns & calamari, accompanied with chopped scallions & heavy topping of sesame seeds. Good enough on its own, is served with a saucer of salty dip that rings to the fragrance of Aekjeot and soy sauce.

18380606_233745693777190_1380436024039047168_nEgg Roll – imagine a savory version of the Tamagoyaki タマゴヤキ, drizzled with a sweet chili sauce. Wrapped within the folds are tiny bits of onions & scallions for crunch, fragrance & aftertaste. To be honest, it inspired me to experiment it on my stove at home.

18380165_1544284072313481_7624040217141313536_nNaengmyeon (냉면 Cold Noodles) – is no stranger to most Korean joints. Chilled block of buckwheat noodles, in a bath of chilled sweet tasting broth, accompanied with strips of Cucumber & Asian Pear, topped with a “hard on the outside, soft on the inside” egg. Best consumed with a dash of vinegar & Dijon mustard. I’ve always felt is an ideal staple for our climate.

18444828_1880052055616626_8490230937722814464_nTaeyang (태양 Sun) Salad – in case you haven’t had enough of Galbi Chicken, or, you’re just craving for a quick & light dose of it. The grilled chicken is served on a bed of lettuce, cucumber slices & julienned carrots, and topped with a poached egg that’s waiting to pop. Break the poached egg, and allow the yolk to run & give the salad a fuller texture.

18380272_378286982567105_4879530448272752640_nOctopus & Chicken Galbi – this is our third hit of the Galbi in 1 seating, and nobody’s complaining. I personally love octopus, and this being done “in your face” somehow is just different. I particularly love the doneness of the octopus; its crunchy tender and not rubbery.

18443677_1894888957417081_7121906523889991680_nTwo of their best-selling beverages for adults – The Yuja Soju (유자 Pomelo) and the Yakult Soju. The former is a refreshing citrus alcoholic that should be widely palatable. And as for the latter, I’m not sure if the probiotics can survive the octane, but if they do, should count as a very much appreciated digestive for this feast.

18380287_1918335581712921_941685890479030272_nStarting from May 8, 2017, Yoogane is rolling out the Dosirak (도시락 lunch boxes), available in 3 versions: Chicken Galbi, Chicken Bulgogi and Beef Bulgogi. They’re all accompanied with chicken luncheon meat, kimchi, Korean fishcakes, seaweed strips, anchovies and a sunny side up, on a bed of rice, in a brass mess tin (dine-in).

Note: the correct method of enjoying the dosirak, is to give the mess tin a violent & thorough shake-up, for content to mash up. Take-away will also be available, but without the novelty of the brass mess tin.

I enjoyed the experience at Yoogane – it’s pleasant and lively. Food is good, service is prompt & decent, portion is just about right, and doesn’t burn a hole in the wallet. Subject to the behavioral patterns of your young ones, Yoogane can be child safe to some extent, since furnishing is nicely spaced out, and the flagship dishes are cooked on the stove in the table. I will be back for more.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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