BBQ Box 串烧工坊 – Eat & Earn

BBQ Box 串烧工坊

  • 182 Geylang Road, Singapore 389525 (opens daily 1400-0200hrs) T: +65 9234 8659
  • 21 Tan Quee Lan St Singapore 188108 (opens daily 1200-0200hrs) T: +65 6835 7456
  • 262 South Bridge Rd Singapore 058811 (opens daily 1200-0200hrs) T: +65 6221 6629

My folks touched down at The World’s Best Airport – Changi Airport, returning from their week-long vacation in Europe. They cited that they’ve been craving Asian/ Chinese food; beginning the day they touched down in London (in which we’ve successfully claimed 150% off the difference, on published rates for airfares).


It was drizzling, instinctively, something hot & with a little spice factor. I searched my travel app, and decided on BBQ Box 串烧工坊. Approximately 20min drive from the airport, found a sweet spot to park at the open car-park along Tan Quee Lan Street, in front of BBQ Box.

18580764_1872622719644095_262356711476559872_nWe were immediately seated, and we ordered some iced cold Lao Te Beer 青岛嶗特啤酒to quench our thirst. I ordered the Special Seafood Combo 海鲜大咖 , as it would take some time for the kitchen to prepare. And while waiting, we ticked off the order checklist for some cold dishes and a variety for grilled skewered delicacies.

18581286_1302881163163793_1583796523571871744_nMinutes passed, the cold dish was served: Braised pigs ears w/ cucumber, accompanied with a decent amount of 老干妈 (oily ground chili pepper dip) on the side.

The skewered grilled delicacies were served in order of; whichever was cooked & ready for consumption, and successively they came. Grilled skewers are what the brand stands for, served on the candlelit box to keep warm.

18579684_464289100573631_949333157058969600_nBehold, some not too common choices; intestines, gizzards, skin, pineapple & buttered toast.

18644748_1438288376233637_3836109422640234496_nShortly after, the main event!! Special Seafood Combo 海鲜大咖!! Piping hot fresh seafood, bathing in a mild spicy broth. This is what the small looks like, and it suffices to feed 4-6pax.

P.s: There’s a LARGE version on the menu, and I won’t speculate what it looks like.

18380794_1186890991419928_1364576200168570880_nAt the end of the meal, paid up, scanned via the mobile travel app, and earned myself USD36 worth of travel points.

On the following weekend, after wrapping up our training event at the packed National Indoor Stadium (just one week prior to our National Heroes flying our National Flag high), I had the privilege of introducing friends from the Land-of-Smile, to some hearty supper, at the Geylang Branch.

Ordered ourselves 2 pitchers of the house beverage – Plum Juice, to cool things off.

18580583_1846461385677185_6852724143012446208_nCold dishes: Seasoned jellyfish w/ cucumber & Braised pigs ears w/ cucumber. Somewhat exotic for my friends, but they found it appetizing.

18580835_1858937341096827_4885754272496484352_n18581107_1862455247310397_5239366738226708480_nMains: Grilled squid (whole) & skewers; mushrooms, chicken mid-wings, intestines, gizzard, pineapple

Gave my friend the opportunity to earn some travel points at the end of the meal. USD15 worth of travel points, just for a light supper.

Now, who wouldn’t mind that?

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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