Sawadee Thai Cuisine Restaurant – Invited Tasting

Sawadee Thai Cuisine Restaurant
9 Tan Quee Lan Street
TQL Suites #01-01
Singapore 188098
T: +65 6238 6833


Photos: IG @o_oican

Opens daily: 1100-1430hrs and 1800-2230hrs

Singapore being the melting pot of food & cultures, Thai culinary by now, needs no introduction. However, there is clear distinction between street food, kitchenette eateries, and noble dining.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine was established since 2001 in the northern sector of the island, they re-positioned themselves (physically & brand-wise) at Tan Quee Lan Street in 2013. In all these years since, the management prides itself in offering the finer side of Thai cuisines, and revamped some street/ home kitchen dishes.

Finer side of Thai cuisines herein is defined as upmarket; with recipes influenced from royal kitchen culinary, and premium choices of ingredients.


Ambience is nicely done & rendered gold with warm hued luminescence, ornaments & drapes also with traces of gold… Spells Grandeur.

Bearing in mind, there are several other Thai eateries sprinkled along the different streets parallel. The concept & locality of Sawadee Thai Cuisine, is no wonder why it’s one of the preferred dining spots for corporate diners, shoppers & expatriates within proximity.

Most of my followers, face stuffing foodie friends, blogspot-ting, wordpress-ing and Instagram-ming friends, would already know that I’m a bona fide meat-arian. Apart from my regular feasting on clean Japanese/ Korean diet, I have an affinity with Thai food.

I was honored to be at the table with folks from Hungrygowhere and Ivan Teh Runningman, hosted by the kind owners of Sawadee Thai Cuisine Restaurant.

The hospitable service crew were quick to check on reservations upon one’s entry, and they make the necessary arrangements to seat the diners swiftly. Once seated, the menu is presented, and the crew prompts for order of beverage, and they leave you to gloss the menu, while they fetch your quenchers.

In my opinion, this is smart gesture is becoming extinct in many restaurants, and we totally appreciated their attention to service.

While waiting for the dishes to be served, a round of signature beverages offers respite, from the climate.

22709458_1930777036935987_1050386908535848960_nLemongrass Juice (left), is a real blend of lemongrass juice, the color is denser than green tea, rich with the juices of the plant, with mild bitter after taste.

Butterfly Pea Tea (middle), this drink is infused with the leaves & dried lemongrass. Served with saucer of lemon juice, so one gets to control the acidity to the taste.

Thai Milk Tea (right), no Thai restaurant is ever complete without this all-time favorite. It’s richer in fragrance, owing to the boiling & straining method, as well as the choice of evaporated milk.

22802036_1692567054108544_3431492145800806400_n22710244_521922184807301_9135801901411991552_nMiang Kham (translates: one bite wrap) is a traditional snack introduced to the Siamese court during the reign of King Rama V

Fresh Chaplu or Thonglang leaves, enveloping ingredients such as: roasted coconut, lime, dried tiny shrimps, bird’s eye chilli, ginger, shallots, crushed peanuts etc. In the middle is a concoction that employs use of shrimp paste, galangal & other seasonings.

Begin by glazing the leaf with the sauce, so the condiments stay when u sprinkle them on. And when you’re done with the fillings, fold the leaf in and pop into your mouth, whole.

Acquired taste, but no surprises, I’m a fan, so I wrapped it up (pun intended)

22709114_928736900608653_1063202167529144320_n22710563_367366580388689_1285708239698132992_nYam Som-O the infamous pomelo salad, a concerto of minced pork, diced prawns, crushed peanuts, and stirred with a sweetened sauce blend. It’s pretty refreshing, and I liked it that the sweet-sour sacs burst to compliment the proteins & nuts.

I guess weight watchers should find great favor in this salad.

The establishment is very particular about the quality of their daily supply. Don’t be disappointed if it’s not available, as they only want to serve u their best.


Hor Mok Talay Khanom Krok – Makerel fish mousse with chunky bits of seafood, with Thai herbs rolled & baked into dome shapes, comes in 4s & 7s, served up on curated earthen clayware from the rural regions of Thailand.

We enjoyed this version, as they’re is bouncy & flavorful!

This isn’t the typical otah-otah that were accustomed to, so just enjoy the Hor-Mok as it should be.


Gaeng Phed Ped Yang – creamy panaeng red curry, comes stacked with juicy roast duck, lychees & pineapples.

Imagine if u will, nice juicy canto style roasted duck, popularized by the strong Teochew community in Thailand, frolicking in fragrant creamy red curry, accompanied with the sweets of lychee & pineapple cubes. Lovely!

Typically, most Thai curry dishes are consumed with rice/ kanom-jeen (rice noodles). I sometimes stay off carbs, but for a dish as such, exceptions can be made.

22802759_294907764361314_4470206282413899776_n22857813_1848596888501779_7697078141759520768_nKhor Moo Kurobuta Yang – anyone familiar with Thai cuisines would love their pork collars, but at Sawadee Thai Cuisine, they brought the game to a different level- Kurobuta.

The tender Kurobuta collar is lean, juicy & tender, and the scent of smoky goodness draws your attention upon its arrival at the table. It’s accompanied with a dipping sauce, Jaew (or Nam Jim Jaew), a popular savory-sweet (light hue of citrus twist) concoction of herbal spices signature dip, that originates from the Isaan region. Must try!

22794611_1962610633952873_4250218598678659072_n22710621_2012136382365884_8096024992321372160_n22710289_1166274153513385_7190679992659869696_nNeau Ribeye Black Angus Yang – another protein that’s widely adored across the Isaan region, grilled beef! The fiber grains & fatty portions of the meat were quite distinct, and has a nice bounce to the bite. So I’m guessing they use grass-fed Black Angus.

Personally, as a meat-arian, this 220g of juicy tender medium rare Ribeye set my hearts racing. It comes with Green Curry dipping sauce. Kinda like a Thai reply to the Bechamel sauce. Must Try!


Kra Por Pla Phad Hang – a light & easy going Thai Chinese influenced dish. Stir fried bean sprouts with fish maw & eggs. As the Thais say it best “same same but different”.

It’s not every day that you find meat-arians inclined to enjoying veges, but I have to confess that I liked it that the sprouts r cooked, but still crunchy sweet, and the slush of the fish maw & eggs add to the fun.

22802448_1522313237814887_4794339076171890688_nKhao Phad Mam Liap – the Signature Fried Olive Rice. Served looking like a mountain, which is also khao (but with different intonation). Accompanied with dried shrimps, chopped chili, lemon flesh, sweet chicken bits & shallots.

22710202_1099542920180725_6616372977476829184_nKhao Phad Talay – is no ordinary Seafood Fried Rice. The mound comprises of crab meats, prawn meats and conpoy. Topped with rice pops & a layer of roasted shredded coconut. Addictive~!!

Both these fried rice are available in small or medium.

22709549_493721611002882_4337554877447143424_nKhao Neow Mamuang – mango with butterfly pea flower glutinous rice, topped with roasted mung bean, drizzled with coconut milk. U can add a scoop of coconut ice cream for an extra $3.

This one is without the coconut ice cream, but in my opinion, is impressive enough. Most notable, was the fragrance & texture of the glutinous rice, and the coconut milk give it a nice buttery taste. The mango cubes are huge, fleshy & succulent. Love it!

22858348_183628482205411_7118694820360486912_nKhao Neow Turian – Premium durian puree (MSW) with glutinous rice, sprinkled with black sesame seeds. The sticky rice is done, somewhat different from the mango version; intentionally kept minimalist, as the intense flavors of the MSW would blanket the galaxy.

Mao Shan Wang/ Musang King is touted to be the crème de la crème of all durian species & is becoming the Bitcoin of Durians.

Acquired taste: only durian lovers who appreciate the astronomic collision of aroma & taste, as well as textures.

22794481_2023643751249090_2037385240858591232_nTup Tim Krob – akin to our red-ruby; red starch coated water chestnut chunks, jackfruit strips, coconut flesh in coconut milk, with some shaved ice.

Under most circumstances, I often opt for this dessert, owing to the delightful crunch, not overbearingly sweet, and more importantly, the buttery fragrance of coconut milk.

When presented with this combination of deserts, it’s wise to start with the mildest of tastes, so your palates can experience the build-up of a crescendo.

All in all, I think my dining experience here at Sawadee Thai Cuisine to be a new high, compared to my past visits to several other Thai concepts. The service rendered, coupled with detailing and ambience; cozy enough for a nice dinner date, or if not, dinner with client. Price point is absolutely good value, and location is very accessible by car or public commute.

I’ll be back!!

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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