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25 Degrees Singapore
200 Middle Road
Hotel G Singapore
Singapore 188980
T: +65 6809 7990
E: 25degreesSG@randblab.com
W: https://www.randblab.com/25degrees-sg
FB: https://www.facebook.com/25DegreesSG/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/25degreesinsingapore/

Opens Daily: 0700hrs to 0300hrs

Breakfast (Weekdays): 0700 to 1100hrs
Breakfast (Weekends): 0700 to 1700hrs
Lunch (Daily): 1100 to 1500hrs
Happy Hour (Daily): 1500 to 1900hrs
Dinner (Daily): 1900hrs onward

Grateful for being with the right pack of like-minded friends, and we often get to tag along for invited tastings like this session at 25°. Kudos to the management & Purple Taste for extending the invite. In attendance to share the calories were, Chubby Botak Koala, @littledevil_98, Little Tiny Sun and @Msginginly

If you’ve paid attention my recent experience at Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar, you will easily find your bearings to 25 Degrees Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar.

Situated at the intersection of Middle Road & Bencoolen Street, anchored at the foot of Hotel G Singapore, is impossible to miss. 25° is a burger diner that originates from Hollywood, USA… and flowing with American Burger & Chips vibes; patties are seriously thick.

You’ll either deconstruct the burger to consume in comfort, or, you’ll need to learn to dislodge the jaw to sink a good bite – I’m a meatarian (burgers should count as a staple) so, I’ll choose the latter.

67132119_1351527908345342_6732496462309639074_n66668767_878978432478736_5982044104878446606_n67924921_186053102408825_4894082151700003076_nThe Cheesy Mac Attack made a comeback feature for the month of August (by popular demand); evidently loved by many (especially mac & cheese lovers), and new found love for first encounters too.

The juicy tender chopped sirloin beef patty in the middle is assembled in-house at nearly 1½” thick, stacked with caramelized onions, bacon crumbs, smoky molten Swiss & Nachos cheese, strands of arugula & thousand island, and layered between two slabs of golden crumbed slabs of macaroni buns. Accompanied with a side of leafy lettuce, tomato slices, raw onions & a tiny block of pickle.

On its own, is more than a meal. I reckon should suffice to induce food-coma for a full day. Then again, to mac & cheese lovers, love conquers all.

In case you’ve FOMO, get up to speed by tuning into their social media handles, or check out my IG posts.

American diners will always have calorie intensity in the entire menu. Beverages for example, can qualify for liquid diet; I mean they’re like meals in liquid state.

70047954_126946018652652_3856885719357804430_nFor the Classic Milkshake, there’s a choice of Marshmallow/ Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Strawberry. I’d pick Strawberry on any given day, but we’re a team, we socialize the calories, so Chocolate it is.

68928137_1367955810047438_8663580205081478517_nThe Chipster Shake is something new for all our palates; potato chips in milkshake. The taste of the mix is a savory blend with occasional crunch.

67924921_530729197733063_7780428920920268587_nKona Craft beers Golden Ale & IPA, as well as Mac’s Three Wolves… All 3 flavorful, suited for various palates. The IPA & 3 wolves get most votes.

69028014_136978930892581_2549135235379119344_nThere’s also the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc from the tap, pretty good for casual guzzling.

There were some sides that we found were really something else, and to some extent, I’ll say is pretty addictive.

67424070_117759179590816_5675315130261456525_nThe Filthy Fries has a nice hue of gold, fragrant texture to the bite, topped with bacon gravy, crispy caramelized onions & 🧀 cheese.

67839420_2411855958901349_4045441592705110902_nCurly Fries is atypical, thoroughly coated with fiery sambal chili. Sedap sekali… If u know what i mean.

Thick cut, golden crispy battered onion rings, pretty addictive I’d confess. At least it’s not all carbs

69699910_160452191763623_5813056286101761952_nThere’s also the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger – comprises of golden brown bread crumbed buttermilk marinated chicken thigh, fresh tomato slices, leafy lettuce, pickled daikon & spicy miso BBQ sauce. Juicy tender, lovely stuff.

At some point, I think I shall revisit to try the Number Four Burger for the Yellowfin Tuna.

© 25 Degrees Singapore
© 25 Degrees Singapore

It’s now the month of September, do check out the new September & October exclusive Pounder Burger. Yes, it’s not a quarter… it’s massive. The #pounderburgerchallenge starts on September 16 to October 11, 2019. Who knows, I just might be up for the challenge, maybe.

The overall ambience is pretty chic, but I’d wish for the temperatures to be lowered, so to beat the heat & humidity. Based on the portions of servings, none can dispute that the food is good value for money. Service with a smile is a trademark for the restaurants, and if time permits, I look forward to someday visiting the ones in Thailand.

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Pictures taken using LG V30+

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