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Established since 2015, cited at river facing side of the Esplanade Theatre, co-founded & owned by local media artistes Michelle Chong, Cynthia Koh and Daniel Ong. I’ve heard they’re also in collaboration with the people behind Rookery, Tab, and Superb.

Mischief identifies itself as a beacon of nightlife in Esplanade, featuring fusion of Honest American and South-East Asian Street Cuisine. Head Chef Mark Tang pushes boundaries not just with culinary techniques, but taste & culture as well.

© Mischief Singapore

When it comes to dining at Mischief, comfort is key. Come dressed in your casuals, fit for fixating your eyes on the screens for sports, commune, converse, and laugh out loud without prejudice, and expect to be interrupted by live performances at the amphitheater that takes place periodically throughout the year.

This place can sit 250pax, so if loud is not quite your thing, there are some quieter indoor seating spots. Be sure to state your preference when you ask to be seated.

It was a glorious weekend, no sight of rain clouds in the sky, plenty of cool evening breeze. Therefore, for this tasting session, outdoor seats were the obvious choice. And because it was weekend, the dining & drinking crowd filled pretty quick, and kept the service staff pretty much occupied to render a little more attention, as you would on a weekday instead.

It wasn’t easy to grab their attention; they’re either shuttling to serve, or clearing tables, or both. So I guess, they might have to beef up their crew size a little for weekends.

80803713_1048853008785159_8917773331308234793_nBeverages come in forms of house pour beers, cocktails & soft drinks, but we’re all grown up. We’ll skip the children friendly staff, and get to the thirst quenching – Upside-down Soju Slushie, Coronarita, Mochatini and a tower of Soju Yakult.

Upside-down Soju Slushie

Upside-down Soju Slushie is a zesty ice blended Yuzu laced with the invisible yet potent Soju. The body temperature slowly builds up when the Soju enters the streams. Nice party beverage.


Coronarita is Strawberry slushie boosted with Corona. This is not as potent as the former, so if you can’t hold you’re just a beginner, this wouldn’t ruin your night.




Mochatini comprises of Bailey’s, Kahlua, Espresso, topped with coco pops & cocoa powder. Nice & chocolatey, but I think would be best consumed without the food.

Soju Yakult


Soju Yakult

Soju Yakult is a fun drink for any occasion (best consumed chilled). There’s sugar, probiotics, and loads of Soju in there. You can have it before, during or after the face stuffing, and it’d be just fine. In my opinion, a slushie version would be great.

In some parts of the world, alcohol is a digestive, so it’s always good to have some bites to go along with the guzzling.

Chicken Farm

The Chicken Farm is a party platter, combo of Buffalo Wings, 虾酱鸡翼 (Ha Cheong Gai Yik), Cheesy Popcorn Chicken, accompanied with a bed of Nachos drizzled over with Salsa & Guacamole. Personally, I thought the taste of the Ha Cheong was a little on the mild side. But then again, maybe it’s intentional, since the rest of the platter were also vying of palate attention.

I think to better appreciate each in its own element, it’s recommended to taste them all in the following sequence; Ha Cheong Gai Yik, Cheesy Popcorn Chicken and then the Buffalo Wings.

Buttered Clams

Buttered Clams (Korean Flower Clams) is sautéed with garlic & browned butter, doused with white wine. There’s a nice fragrance & sweetness to this, and we couldn’t have enough of it. Unfortunately, the repeat order was somewhat saltier. Would be great if there could be more consistency.

Crackling Pork Belly

Crackling Pork Belly is roasted with Maldon sea salt, served with gherkins, and accompanied with Thai green chili dip (น้ำพริกหนุ่ม). I’m amazed that they managed to replicate the Thai version of the Pork Belly so well. The crust is thicker that what we’re accustomed to, and to experience the crunch puts your bite force to the test. They’re mild in taste, and so the green chili dip is really handy. For those who love more flavor, help yourselves to the gherkins.

Grade 4 Wagyu Beef Brisket

Grade 4 Wagyu Beef Brisket is slow cooked for 24hrs, juicy tender on the inside, finished with a black pepper crust, infused with liquid smoke before serving. I hate to be biased, but I’ve a feeling this was the dish made exclusively for me. Before I get carried away, there’s leafy crunchy lettuce & shoestring fries that were crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. Help yourselves to the dips if you like, but I love the natural juices of the meats.

If the fries in the earlier mentioned is too boring for you, there’s Atomic Fries & Truffle Fries Maximus.

Atomic Fries

Atomic Fries appears to be intimidating, but I think the Sriracha Mayo, Shimichi Togarashi Spices & Okaka Furikake seasoning did some wonders. In my opinion, the heat isn’t overbearing, instead, you just instinctively pick up another piece, after another.

Truffle Fries Maximus

Truffle Fries Maximus, the sautéed mushrooms with thyme, truffle porcini mayo, Reggiano parmesan cheese with white truffle oil combination is really something. From the allure of the aroma, to the Umami taste in the bite, and the lingering after taste. it’s be hard for me to stay off carbs with this one around.

Then, there were Burgers Mamacita & Stoners with 150g of wagyu patties in each, stacked in halved brioche buns, accompanied with more shoe string fries.

I think in all, we might have 2kg of fries sitting on our table at any one time.


Mamacita is said to be the fiery one, loaded with Sriracha Mayo, crispy shallots & spring onions. The spice level is pretty juvenile, so I’m sure those with lower threshold for spice can handle it.


Stoner is docile with more earthy/herbal nodes coming from the mushrooms & arugula virgin olive oil.

I honestly can’t decide which is better of the two. On one hand, I enjoyed the spicy mayo effect, yet on the other hand, I’ve been fond of sautéed mushrooms since my childhood days. So, to have the best of both worlds, have the burgers halved down the middle, and swap half – two birds with one stone.

All in all, I think it’s pretty cool to be chilling down at the Esplanade, have a meal or some drinks with your makan kakis, caressed by the marina breeze, attention interrupted by live band music from the amphitheater, and passing crowds.

Kudos to Jereme & Mischief for hosting us, Kristine for sharing the calories, and the great company with fellow foodies, CK, Tiara, Rachelle, Ivan and Ailing.

Food Menu © Mischief Singapore
Drinks Menu © Mischief Singapore

8 Raffles Ave #01-10/12,
Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
Singapore 039802
T: +65 6532 0106
W: https://mischief.sg/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/mischiefsg
IG: @mischief.sg

Sunday 5pm to 12mn
Monday 5pm to 11pm
Tues-Thurs 5pm to 1am
Fri/Sat 5pm to 3am

– –
Pictures taken using LG V30+
IG: @o_oican

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