Covid-19 pandemic – Foodie Hacks | Epicurious Caniggia

Note: We’re (Singapore) not undergoing lock down yet, but while we busy ourselves with what we’re busy with, please adhere to strict hygiene practices, and PLEASE do our part in keeping a safe distance (3ft = ±1m).

It’s been nearly 2 months since the first confirmed case made landfall in Singapore, and sporadic clusters emerged island-wide. Subsequently, the raising DORSCON to Orange, that gave rise to panic buying in most major supermarkets.


Now as neighboring countries are gradually experiencing sharp rise in their infected cases, in tandem mortality numbers, it’s natural that anxiety & concerns start escalating. In times of urgency, stay calm & think out of the box; do away with old habits.

There are several hacks that were once social norms. Perhaps, city dwellers may have long since forgotten, or have taken convenience for granted. But it’s never too late to unlearn the bad practices, re-learn good ones.

Dining out has now become a little depressing with social distancing in place, and since it’s going to be lonesome or restricted to a small group, Take-Away might just be better. Find a sweet spot to chill & eat out of the box with less interruption from the usual lunch/dinner crowd.

In doing so, we keep the food establishments afloat, and we avoid the disappointment of delayed food delivery, and most likely will look like hogwash upon arrival.

Shopping for food & supplies need not always be done at the major supermarkets. It’s good practice to support the smaller mom & pop stores and neighborhood minimarts. Who knows, perhaps the proprietors just might offer some goodwill discounts for your bulk purchases?

Now since there’s travel advisory & restrictions ongoing, you can satiate your cravings just by visiting concept supermarkets that import & retail foreign goods. eg: DON DON DONKI, Shine Korea Supermarket, Thai Supermarket, Nayong Pilipino Minimart etc

Fresh food supplies have become costlier over the years, because all the added services to have them channeled to the supermarkets. Alternatively, you can go old school, bargain hunt from the wet markets, or if you’re adventurous enough, visit the wholesale markets.

In addition, you can re-purpose the off-cuts of roots/ vegetables/ spices/ fruits, re-pot the essential roots & edible spices, maybe even fruits, and have sustained source of ingredients from home. There are plenty of instructional videos available on social media that you can learn from.

Some people are finding it vexing to be confined at home, be it in accordance to Leave of Absence/ Stay Home Notification/ Work From Home, but there’s a load of fun you can have in the kitchen to kill the boredom. All the better if you engage your younglings to have some culinary fun together.

Who knows, by the end of this global crisis, many would’ve chalked up enough experience & discoveries to publish their own recipe book?

Cheer up & find the little pockets of joy in your lives, that your busy self may have overlooked in the past. Keep smiling~!

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