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Wine Mansion Bistro has been around since 2010, tucked away just off Chinatown, along the rustic conserved Keong Saik Road. An extension of the parent company Wine Mansion, that curates quality & prized wines from various continents.

As the name suggests is very much a watering hole for the CBD executives & dwellers in the central region to loosen their ties & get raise their spirits. From the drinks menu, they’ve a pretty decent collection of intercontinental house red & blanc, sparkling wines, liquors and beers. Cocktails & shots are available too.

In the Singaporean setting, drinking & chilling activates the palettes, and sometimes, bar bites just isn’t quite enough. The food menu offers nice tummy fillers.

In this session, we’re introduced to some of the crowd favorites, and my palates can’t wait to find out why.

Fresh Oysters

Fresh Oysters (half a dozen) from Ireland, they plump and juicy when you burst it, but they’re blend & not quite briny. So you might find lemon or vinaigrette handy. I personally prefer spice factor, so you could dash some Tabasco for a little throat hit. If it were up to me, Thai style น้ำพริกหนุ่ม works like magic.

Or, you could just sip more on the chilled white wines

Baked Oysters

Baked Oysters (half a dozen) enveloped with melted mozzarella with bits of bacon for a little more chew & flavor, sprinkled with ground coriander & chopped spring onion. Tartar sauce dips should give it more fun.

Crab Cake

Golden brown balls of bread crumbed battered & deep fried Crab Cake. Simple as they look, they’re good on their own, but tastes batter with dips.

Pan Seared Scallops

The Pan Seared Scallops were on point. Lightly seasoned & seared, served on a creamy wine sauce, accompanied with asparagus. Lovely~!

Pork Belly

Crispy roasted & golden finished Pork Belly. Served with crunchy pink sauerkraut & yellow mustard sauce. Though I find them a little dryer than the ones we’re more accustomed to.

Tomato Lobster Pasta

Tomato Lobster Pasta looks appetizing, but seems both of them met by coincidence. Individually, the lobster carries its own weight. I’d be happy with the lobster without the carbs.

Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs served with al dente aglio olio pasta & purple cabbage coleslaw. Charred for the smoky hues, while the flavors sink well in the meat. I felt the coleslaw a crunchy version of sauerkraut though.

Pulled Pork Cheese Melts Quesadilla

Pulled Pork Cheese Melts Quesadilla, in short is an awesome version of Murtabak. The fries are lightly dusted with seasonings, accompanied with herbs laced sour dip. Pretty decent I’d say.

Duck Leg Confit

Duck Leg Confit, not an easy dish to execute. I think the skin could have raised our brows, had it been crispier. But I enjoyed the mild lingering presence of game in the meat. The mash potato is richly buttery, compliments the duck pretty well.


Tomahawk grilled to graduating doneness, so accomplices can enjoy the preferred doneness accordingly. Accompanied with grilled tomatoes, onions & garden salad. Help yourselves to the mustard & chimichurri for flavor twist, if necessary.

Ricotta Puff

To cap things off, the Ricotta Puff, flaky filo skin on the outside, creamy ricotta cheese inside, topped with a scoop of ice cream & sliced strawberry. Not contrastingly sweet, palates transition wasn’t drastic… and we left no crumbs behind.

At Wine Mansion Bistro, the 1st floor can sit a typical lunch or dinner crowd of approximately 25pax comfortably, and the 3rd floor that’s set apart for private functions, can seat another 25pax, made available opened during peak seasons.

I can imagine SMEs booking up this joint to host their corporate luncheons, or dinner symposiums. Even with social distancing in place, I think there’s ample space to indulge in some wine & dine to ward off the ongoing pandemic gloom.

Wine Mansion Bistro
26 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089133
T: +65 6225 4468
IG: @wine_mansion

Business Hours:
Open Mon to Fridays: 1200~1430hrs, 1700~0000hrs
Saturdays: 1700~0000hrs
Closed on Sundays

– –
Pictures taken using LG V30+
IG: @o_oican

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