Joo Bar – Eat & Earn

I find this place to be a good spot for almost any form of chill out, regardless if its colleagues or peers. The quality of the food & beverages is good, and in terms of price point, competitive with most other Korean joints in town.

Chang Sensory Trails 2017| The Promontory

For a second year running, Chang Sensory Trails (CST) 2017, visited London in late April, San Francisco in late May, and hit the ground running in Singapore, early this month.

I’ve been a fan of Thai cuisines, ever since my maiden encounter in Australia, and in the last decade, tried & tasted authentic ones in Thailand as well. So I find the menu tantalizing, especially with chilled Chang beer!

8 Korean BBQ – Invited Tasting

8 Korean BBQ at The Central Clarke Quay, is the first of the 2 outlets in Singapore, while there are 2 other outlets in USA. The “8” in the name, is found in their signature 8 colors set, comprising of 8 distinct flavored marinates on their choice cut Mangalitza Pork Belly.

Oh My 天 – Invited Tasting

OMT offers a list of fusion food on the menu, as well as some familiar ones, so to appeal to the neighborhood demographics. And since it’s sandwiched between 2 big boys offering local favorites, OMT would be the go-to-place for some alternatives, snacks, desserts & beer.

Gila Durian @ The Peranakan – Invited Tasting

Gila Durian, a celebration of an assortment of 2-3 cherry-picked prized durian subspecies (D24, XO & 猫山王 “Maoshan Wang” – MSW). In all my years of tastings & face stuffing experiences, I’ve never been pampered with Durian, fine-dining style before.

Cook & Brew @ Westin – Media Invite

Most restaurants in town would be super packed during lunch & dinner, and reservations sometimes can disappoint as well. But many forget that there are restaurants in hotels, and usually less crowded than in commercial buildings. Having considered the ambience, quality of food, portion size, services rendered, and price point; I feel it is good bang-for-buck to be dining at Cook & Brew

Decadent Sunday Champagne Brunch – Seasonal Tastes

As the saying goes, Sundays are fun days. If you want to avoid time wasting, fighting for a parking lot, and you want to escape from the crowded Singaporean haunts; to have your quiet & peaceful Sunday brunch buffet… Seasonal Tastes is the place to be.

Competitive Eating – Sarah polished 88 wings in 8 minutes

I chanced upon the open invitation for FLS Amateurs Championship, hosted by Food League Singapore, sponsored by Wing Zone, and I thought, we only live once, and I won’t know my personal best, until I participate – so I signed up for it.

Quan Lai Kway Chap @ Sin Fong Restaurant

Kway Chap, to confused locals & modern Chinese descendants, is the braised assortment of meats, bean-curd sticks, pig organs, peanuts & pickled vegetables. But in truth, Kway Chap is none other than the large folds of rice sheets, boiled & served with a dash of dark soy based braised sauce.

The Landmark – Media Invite

The Landmark commands a strong following in lieu of their Intercontinental Halal Certified Buffet spread, priced at an affordable range:

Breakfast Buffet: Adult $18++, Child $10++
Lunch Buffet: Adult $20++ (Sunday $25++), Child 13++
Dinner Buffet: Adult $30++ (Fri-Sun $35++), Child 15++

At the stipulated price point and ongoing booking promo where the 5th diner dines for free, the socialized cost is probably one of the best buffet deals in town. Given that there’s also outdoor poolside seating, makes it quite an interesting experience.

Ribena – Sparkling, not still

Ribena now comes fizzy. Wrapped in aluminum cans, 325ml of goodness. Fear not, the fizz isn’t intense enough to sprinkle the spectacle lenses, neither is it prickly for the palates. One of the lowest sugar levels compared to other fizzy drinks on the shelves, it’s an obvious choice for both young & young at heart.

Ambrosia & Elixirs by KUVO

Spotted in the middle of the Orchard Road shopping belt, cited in Orchard Shopping Centre, just next to H&M. Spot “ICE LAB Cafe” Korean Bingu concept cafe, look for the entrance adjacent, take the exclusive escalator up to level 2. Upon entry, it feels as if you’ve teleported to a cozy, pristine & quiet spot, away from the bustle of commerce