Cha Thai – Invited Tasting

Chef Leah combines her western culinary craft with authentic hand-me-down recipes from the Royal Palace’s kitchen, coupled with her stringent standards of curating fresh & best ingredients; from different corners of the archipelago, and other continents for some meat sources. Her crew prides itself in conjuring their own pastes/ seasonings/ curries from scratch.

The quality & portion of the food is good, and so, don’t expect the price tags to be that of what you would find in Golden Mile Complex (GMC), because you will not find anything close to this.

Hunan Cuisine Restaurant – Invited Tasting

The name is quite self-explanatory, as the menu offers authentic Hunan dishes, from the central plains of mainland China. Though, not all ingredients are available in this archipelago, the management endeavors to adhere as close as it gets to the original recipes, or so, the chefs insist.

Yoogane SG (Nex) – Media Invite

Yoogane hails from a little town in Busan, South Korea, since 1981. Originated as a simple old-school mom & pop kitchenette restaurant, has spread across various Korean cities, and earned its place as; one of the fast expanding & sought after franchise restaurants; in the region; from South Korea.

Gila Durian @ The Peranakan – Invited Tasting

Gila Durian, a celebration of an assortment of 2-3 cherry-picked prized durian subspecies (D24, XO & 猫山王 “Maoshan Wang” – MSW). In all my years of tastings & face stuffing experiences, I’ve never been pampered with Durian, fine-dining style before.

蛙功夫 (Wah! Kungfu) – Media Invite

蛙功夫 (Wah! Kungfu), is a spanking new novelty restaurant that features 1 of Asian’s all-time favorite – Bullfrogs, in 10 different culinary styles/ tastes from the Central Plains of China. To raise the notch, the interior décor applies the concept of pubs, cold industrial metallic furnishes, cold cathode & LED illumination and slightly below 25°C air conditioning.

Cook & Brew @ Westin – Media Invite

Most restaurants in town would be super packed during lunch & dinner, and reservations sometimes can disappoint as well. But many forget that there are restaurants in hotels, and usually less crowded than in commercial buildings. Having considered the ambience, quality of food, portion size, services rendered, and price point; I feel it is good bang-for-buck to be dining at Cook & Brew

Decadent Sunday Champagne Brunch – Seasonal Tastes

As the saying goes, Sundays are fun days. If you want to avoid time wasting, fighting for a parking lot, and you want to escape from the crowded Singaporean haunts; to have your quiet & peaceful Sunday brunch buffet… Seasonal Tastes is the place to be.

Siam Mookata – Media Tasting

Pasir Panjang brings to mind, the old school hawkers & coffee house scene, but times change, and people change. The better traveled local crowd sometimes have cravings to satiate, and Thailand being one of the top destinations for Singaporeans, leaves no surprise how หมูกระทะ (Moo-Kra-Ta aka Thai Steamboat) has been trending in the last decade.

Kyoaji Dining (京味) – Media Tasting

* Ardent fans & followers of Fukuichi Japanese Dining, your search ends here.

Executive Chef John Phua, with more than 3 decades of Japanese culinary experience under his belt; together with his missus and entire crew from the former FJD, are here to rekindle the kinship with their loyal customers (from the now defunct FJD), and new customers – at Kyoaji Dining (京味)

JIM GARDEN 珍厨明苑私房菜 – Media Tasting

Jim Garden 珍厨明苑私房菜 offers a good selection of affordable curated Chinese culinary (from different parts of mainland China – largely Northern), of which, most of the dishes accommodate local palates.

Just Steam 纯蒸 – Media Invite

Just Steam caters to the dinner & supper “breakfast before sunrise” crowd, and prides itself with; the healthy system of cooking, very regular & fresh import of seafood, cozy & casual setting, and with attentive services rendered per table, I think that the pricing is pretty reasonable.
Note: dine in groups of 5-6 to enjoy economy of scales, but, groups of 3-4 is quite alright too.