The Sampan – Review | Epicurious Caniggia

All in all, the experience at The Sampan was good. The service rendered is very personable, and the classic dishes rolled out & presented in ways never attempted before, is impressive. In terms of price & placement, I think is just about right. In fact, some of the dishes are good bang for buck.

Worth a visit if you haven’t already done so, and I’ve a good feeling that you’ll be revisiting for more good stuff.

Don Lechon – Review| Epicurious Caniggia

The crisp in the skin is truly different from canto style crispy pork belly, and is also really different from the Chinese suckling pigs that we’re accustomed to. The portion is generous, and chopped almost an inch thick!

Ichiban Boshi (Local Delights) | Epicurious Caniggia

…because the bicentennial is a celebration none shall miss, Ichiban Boshi has cleverly put their creativity to the works. For a limited period, available through July 9 to August 26, 2019 only. These dishes are only prepared a la minute, so, do expect a bit of waiting time, subject to dining capacity & orders, estimate 15-20min perhaps.

The Quarters Experience – Tasting | Epicurious Caniggia

The Quarters is a cozy little eatery that has a modern retro feel in the interior décor, wall murals & pendant lighting. Capacity wise, I’d estimate seats 25-30pax comfortably. Patrons who’re aware of their existence, know they’ll be getting best bang for buck meals, that Chef & crew endeavors to deliver with pride and without prejudice – Singapore’s signature tastes/flavors.

Rookery – Tasting | Epicurious Caniggia

Rookery serves like a watering hole in the African plains; café by day and morphs into a gastrobar by night (with live band on Thursdays & Friday nights to boot), offers respite for professionals in the CBD. Be it a late morning caffeine boost, or tie-loosening fluids after office hours, or swap them around for those clocking 2 time zones.

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar – Tasting | Epicurious Caniggia

Beginning since April 2019, Ginett has raised the “steaks” in presenting their very own Dry Aged steaks. The Aussie Black Angus are curated from Australian beef produces such as Rangers Valley, O’Connor Beef and Stockyard, who’re renowned for their prime cut selections, most notable for their consistency, flavor, tenderness & succulence.

13 Stages – Media Tasting | Epicurious Caniggia

At 13 stages, steaming is their signature style of clean & healthy cooking. And it’d be counter effective to be offering greasy rice. Their rice has no traces of the oils, but is not lacking in the fragrance & flavor of typical chicken rice. Their soup is also light & clear, that’s to my liking.

Kafe UTU – Review | Epicurious Caniggia

Kafe UTU offers some of the best selections of true blue cuisines from the different corners of the African continent. Located at the edge of Jiak Chuan Road, the owner, Kurt, spent a good amount of time, effort & budget to jazz out the sleepy conservation shop-house building built in the early 20th century.

The Peranakan Restaurant [Media Invite]

Mother’s Day is this weekend!!! So, if you haven’t thought of the right place to dine at; visiting the heritage that celebrates their matriarchy, is most appropriate. Be sure to make your reservations early, because the Peranakan community take their Mother’s Day seriously.