Decadent Sunday Champagne Brunch – Seasonal Tastes

As the saying goes, Sundays are fun days. If you want to avoid time wasting, fighting for a parking lot, and you want to escape from the crowded Singaporean haunts; to have your quiet & peaceful Sunday brunch buffet… Seasonal Tastes is the place to be.

Siam Mookata – Media Tasting

Pasir Panjang brings to mind, the old school hawkers & coffee house scene, but times change, and people change. The better traveled local crowd sometimes have cravings to satiate, and Thailand being one of the top destinations for Singaporeans, leaves no surprise how หมูกระทะ (Moo-Kra-Ta aka Thai Steamboat) has been trending in the last decade.

Kyoaji Dining (京味) – Media Tasting

* Ardent fans & followers of Fukuichi Japanese Dining, your search ends here.

Executive Chef John Phua, with more than 3 decades of Japanese culinary experience under his belt; together with his missus and entire crew from the former FJD, are here to rekindle the kinship with their loyal customers (from the now defunct FJD), and new customers – at Kyoaji Dining (京味)

JIM GARDEN 珍厨明苑私房菜 – Media Tasting

Jim Garden 珍厨明苑私房菜 offers a good selection of affordable curated Chinese culinary (from different parts of mainland China – largely Northern), of which, most of the dishes accommodate local palates.

Just Steam 纯蒸 – Media Invite

Just Steam caters to the dinner & supper “breakfast before sunrise” crowd, and prides itself with; the healthy system of cooking, very regular & fresh import of seafood, cozy & casual setting, and with attentive services rendered per table, I think that the pricing is pretty reasonable.
Note: dine in groups of 5-6 to enjoy economy of scales, but, groups of 3-4 is quite alright too.

Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut – Media Tasting

Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut sets itself apart from most other Indonesian eateries, because they’re the only one (so far) that makes duck their signature. And for Muslim friends reading this, they are Halal Certified.

Competitive Eating – Sarah polished 88 wings in 8 minutes

I chanced upon the open invitation for FLS Amateurs Championship, hosted by Food League Singapore, sponsored by Wing Zone, and I thought, we only live once, and I won’t know my personal best, until I participate – so I signed up for it.

Quan Lai Kway Chap @ Sin Fong Restaurant

Kway Chap, to confused locals & modern Chinese descendants, is the braised assortment of meats, bean-curd sticks, pig organs, peanuts & pickled vegetables. But in truth, Kway Chap is none other than the large folds of rice sheets, boiled & served with a dash of dark soy based braised sauce.

Times Square – Media Invite

Times Square is a restaurant that offers American inspired menu of both, good food & interesting beverage concoctions. Designed with the intent to bring NYC to Katong, offering diners a glimpse of New York, minus the need of your passport and 20+ hours of back breaking jet-lag.

Yi Pin Bak Kut Teh – Invited Tasting

They’re a simple & cozy little joint that seats about 35-40 inside, and another 12-16 outside, indoor is fully air-conditioned offering respite from our tropical climate. Now, while the year-end is wet & chilly, having some comforting BKT is pretty appropriate. They operate daily from lunch till 2am, so I guess is a place to visit for after parties too.

Lotus Thai Restaurant – Media Invite

This cozy 40-seater restaurant is located along Jalan Besar, on the corner of Hindoo Road. Situated road facing with full height windows, interior is nicely decorated with Indochinese motifs & artworks, airs retro Thai ballads & classics, with occasional loud traffic throttle from the road, bring me fond memories of settings in Bangkok districts.

I find the overall experience to be pleasant, and the food reminds me much of Chinese Thai style culinary from Yaowarat. Flavors & price point should appeal to the local palates & wallets. If diners don’t want the sweaty experience of dining at Berseh Food Centre, Lotus Thai offers cooling respite from our tropical climate. Needless to say, loyal fans of Butter Studio, just next door, now have good reason to pop in for a taste of Thailand.

BBQ Box 串烧工坊 (Chuan Shao Gong Fang) – Media Tasting

BBQ Box 串烧工坊 is a concept restaurant that features North-Eastern Chinese (BBQ/ Grilled/ Stew) Cuisines. In 2009, they opened their first outlet in Geylang area. A second outlet was opened in Bugis area in 2012, and in 2014, they opened their third outlet in Chinatown, as well as three new outlets in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

I’d consider BBQ Box 串烧工坊 to be a pretty convenient, no-frills, non-greasy outlet to satiate ones cravings or indulgence for BBQ & grills. Given their years of presence in Singapore, and reasonable rate of expansion, I’m inclined to believe that their seasoning & tastes have already been tuned to suit local palates.