Mighty Zinger X KFC | Epicurious Caniggia

I’ve been an avid fan of the Original Zinger Burger since its inception in the 90s, and it’s been a mainstay on the menu all these years. When I caught wind of the Mighty Zinger Burger, I knew I had to give it a try.

Cast Iron Restaurant – Media Tasting

Cast Iron ensures their quality of ingredients are procured intercontinental & air flown regularly, and almost every dish they serve, are made in-house from scratch. And since they have the luxury of freshness, I believe nobody should deny themselves the Omakase experience.

Fumee by Habanos – Media Tasting

Fumee is probably the only joint (in the proximity of the marina promenade), that opens their kitchen beyond midnight; for they close at 0200hrs on weekdays, 0230hrs on Fridays & Saturdays. And they roll the shutters 30 to midnight on Sundays.

Cozy Bistro & Lounge – Media Invite

the ambience was good, music not loud, and nice selection of alcohol & spirits. Initially, I wasn’t sure what’s to be expected for food, considering the setup is more entertainment inclined. But when the dishes began rolling out, one after the next; my perception was altered.

Now, I’m actually pondering what else should I be trying on my next visit.

Beyond Pancakes – Invited Tasting

I found the toppings/ fillings to be pretty contemporary & familiar. I suppose because they’re Halal, the stringent selection & restrictions of typical European choice ingredients would’ve been substituted.

Korean Fusion BBQ – Invited Tasting

In terms of Korean concept buffet, I must say that they that they got my heart racing. Easily more than 50 items in the line-up, protein inclined, 12 different flavors of marinated pork belly, with select variety of marinated beef, chicken & fish. There’s also a good selection of vegetables, funghi, as well as condiments & sauces. For those that must have carbs, there’s Kimchi Fried Rice and Tteokbokki, as well as noodles to be cooked in your steamboats/ stews.

Joo Bar – Eat & Earn

I find this place to be a good spot for almost any form of chill out, regardless if its colleagues or peers. The quality of the food & beverages is good, and in terms of price point, competitive with most other Korean joints in town.

Chang Sensory Trails 2017| The Promontory

For a second year running, Chang Sensory Trails (CST) 2017, visited London in late April, San Francisco in late May, and hit the ground running in Singapore, early this month.

I’ve been a fan of Thai cuisines, ever since my maiden encounter in Australia, and in the last decade, tried & tasted authentic ones in Thailand as well. So I find the menu tantalizing, especially with chilled Chang beer!

Hunan Cuisine Restaurant – Invited Tasting

The name is quite self-explanatory, as the menu offers authentic Hunan dishes, from the central plains of mainland China. Though, not all ingredients are available in this archipelago, the management endeavors to adhere as close as it gets to the original recipes, or so, the chefs insist.

蛙功夫 (Wah! Kungfu) – Media Invite

蛙功夫 (Wah! Kungfu), is a spanking new novelty restaurant that features 1 of Asian’s all-time favorite – Bullfrogs, in 10 different culinary styles/ tastes from the Central Plains of China. To raise the notch, the interior décor applies the concept of pubs, cold industrial metallic furnishes, cold cathode & LED illumination and slightly below 25°C air conditioning.

En Sakaba (Orchard Central) – Invited Tasting

The En Sakaba @ Orchard Central has been up & running for a little less than a quarter of a year, a stone’s throw away from the landmark Izakaya & Sakaba scene. Situated at the foot of Orchard Central, highly visible & accessible.

Don’t under estimate the small space it occupies, for they have a handsome selection of Sake from different Japanese distilleries. And the food menu is designed not merely to satiate hunger pangs, but intentional to go along with Sake too.

Wing Zone, Bugis Plus – Media Invite

Originated in 1991, on the campus of the University of Florida, the 2 co-founders Matt Friedman & Adam Scott, recognized the void in availability for food variety on campus in the after hours, initiated the concept of delivering buffalo wings, and it was an instant hit with their coeds.

Try ordering from their delivery portal, use promo code “FLAVORHOLIC25” to enjoy 25% off your first purchase at order.wingzone.com.sg.