Don Lechon – Review| Epicurious Caniggia

The crisp in the skin is truly different from canto style crispy pork belly, and is also really different from the Chinese suckling pigs that we’re accustomed to. The portion is generous, and chopped almost an inch thick!

BBQ Box 串烧工坊 (Chuan Shao Gong Fang) – Media Tasting

BBQ Box 串烧工坊 is a concept restaurant that features North-Eastern Chinese (BBQ/ Grilled/ Stew) Cuisines. In 2009, they opened their first outlet in Geylang area. A second outlet was opened in Bugis area in 2012, and in 2014, they opened their third outlet in Chinatown, as well as three new outlets in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

I’d consider BBQ Box 串烧工坊 to be a pretty convenient, no-frills, non-greasy outlet to satiate ones cravings or indulgence for BBQ & grills. Given their years of presence in Singapore, and reasonable rate of expansion, I’m inclined to believe that their seasoning & tastes have already been tuned to suit local palates.