About Caniggia

Caniggia – a moniker that Alvin adopted owing to his love for football (aka soccer) and admiration for the Argentine goal scoring legend.

Why blog about food?
Alvin (Caniggia) was raised in a middle-low income strata environment. He’s had the luxury of tasting & experience foods of varied cultures, and in his years has developed keen appreciation for food of varied genres & echelons. Food indulgence is essentially a Singaporean lifestyle that is fast becoming an ingrain culture.

In the highly competitive food arena in Singapore, he finds it legit to honor the hands that make eating a mention worthy experience. He pens his thoughts because he believes, sharing is caring.

How he came to be a foodie?
One doesn’t simply claim to be or become a foodie overnight. One is all the more unfit to be a foodie if he/she hasn’t tried their hand in culinary. Since 2002, Alvin (Caniggia) read his degree in Brisbane, Australia; he has earned bragging rights in feeding & impressing his peers with his creations in the kitchen.

In the years passed, Alvin (Caniggia) has voluntarily contributed reviews abundantly towards Hungrygowhere. He is recognized among his counterparts and is invited for media tastings/ reviews very regularly.

What keeps Caniggia going?
Food, the only energy source known to mankind that keeps athletes doing what they do best, and as for him, creative brain juicing.

He is a designer by qualification & experience, he is now a business developer, a lighting professional, an advocate for living, an Independent Representative of a Multi-Award Winning  Fastest Growing Wellness Company and a consultant/ mentor to a handful of budding entrepreneurs.

Follow me:

Instagram: @o_oican
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Epicurious.Caniggia

To invite me:

Write to: alvin1099 (at) yahoo.co.uk
Line ID: @o_oican

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeremy Ee says:

    Hey Canigga, I came across your blog & was wondering if you had an email contact I could reach you at? I’m actually from OpenRice Singapore (http://sg.openrice.com) and we’re always happy to connect with local foodies and bloggers. Feel free to drop me a note at jeremyee@openrice.com.sg I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. Chiu Yen says:

    Hi, could you link up my food blog? My food blog is http://phuachiuyen.wordpress.com/food/

    Thank you so much!

    Warm Regards
    Chiu Yen

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