The Peranakan Restaurant [Media Invite]

The Peranakan Restaurant
442 Orchard Road
Level 2 Claymore Connect
Singapore 238879
T: +65 6262 4428

Opens Daily: 1100 to 2200hrs

Photos: IG @o_oican


By now, we should be quite familiar with the fact that The Peranakan Restaurant is the only Peranakan Restaurant located along Orchard Road. And, it has a walk through museum that features & displays traditional costumes, crafts & wares.

Most notably, you will observe that not every element is infused or crossed-over despite the inter-marriages. In some cases, you will find the distinct presence of either European, Chinese, Malay detailing in all the things they possess in & around the house, antique and contemporary.

31474717_161855044483834_388404101714542592_n31425378_249790065763870_8049846586286538752_nAt the entrance, there’s a new setup, where they’ve laid out a 15-seater Tok Panjang. Although, I’ve been told that in the days of old, some rare events would be lagi panjang sekali.

This being not the first invited session, it was a great privilege to be communing with folks from Purple Taste, Her Pen And Fork, Little Tiny Sun, Jelly Loves Food, Ms Ginginly, Ivan Teh RunningMan and kudos in particular to Chubby Botak Koala, for sharing the calories.

In case you’ve missed out, reviews of previous invited visits… click:

Unlike past seasons, the theme to this current promo is about self-indulgence, customization… one in which, patrons can sing along to the tune of Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Now available; every weekend 1430 to 1730hrs, All-You-Can-Eat DIY Nyonya Popiah and Mee Siam/ Laksa Goreng Buffet.

This feature is all about the Popiah, as well as the Mee Siam/ Laksa Goreng.

I’ve to confess it was quite a challenge for our keyboard trained fingers. In order not to fill ourselves too quickly, single layer popiah skin is should help go the distance, but many of us resigned to the fate of requiring double layer skin, so the skin doesn’t tear too easily.


At our disposal for the Popiah wrapping station, ingredients available are: popiah skin, broiled & braised shredded turnips, sweet sauce, pounded chili, ground garlic, chopped hardboiled eggs, parsley, julienned cucumber, blanched prawns, blanched bean sprouts, and shredded Chinese lettuce.


As for the Mee Siam, the assembly is effortless. Pick up the bowl, put in the amount of mee siam beehoon (thin rice vermicelli), douse it with the piping hot, tangy mee siam soup, sprinkle some chopped chives, a wedge or 2 of the hard boiled eggs, and a quadrant of the kalamansi lime.

note: Add the sambal according to your preference, and indulge.

31694936_1992219924363324_1939441415071203328_nThey periodically alternate between the Mee Siam and Laksa Goreng. This rendition in my opinion, is atypical. It’s a dry (absolutely no gravy), thereby having a little hue of charred dried shrimp fragrance. And the generous blanket of fine chopped & lightly roasted laksa leaves triggers the senses… all served on a page of banana leaf. I’m sure would find favor in many palates.

Although, i remain very much, a lover of the nyonya laksa with gravy & thick fingers of taopok (fried bean curd wafers).

32152038_215198702410442_2738566101066579968_nNot part of the All-You-Can-Eat bundle… Chef Raymond surprised us with an off-the-menu dish that was very quickly an instant hit. The Buah Keluak Nasi Goreng. The rice grains were coated thorough with the content of the buah keluak, and accompanied with sambal timun (chili mixed cucumber). Also blanketed nicely with chopped chives, turmeric leaves, betel nut leaves, kaffir lime leaves, galangal leaves, lemongrass etc.

You go slow & steady with the rice, and just when u feel you’re done, take a few bites of the chili cucumber to refresh the palates, and you’re ready for another round.

31296221_462466860852183_6959782714035666944_nBy popular demand, we also reminisced the Nasi Ulam. If a meatarian like me, can find favor in this herbal concoction, it’s no wonder this is among the favorite dishes that patrons enjoy so much.

31198473_592492834483419_2280686041436258304_nAccording to some articles, it’s said that the Pandan Chiffon Cake, is a Singaporean Signature, that’s loved & craved offshore. Well, wait till you’ve tried the Gula Melaka Pandan Cake. The pandan cake is sprinkled with shaved coconut, and doused with a good portion of an exclusive molten gula Melaka, that comes with a hue of firewood fragrance. I loved this!

31255825_1839780522992840_4730574604421038080_nSome may claim that the pancake originated in the west, but that’s only because they’ve never been to Singapore, in the 17th century. The Apom Bokwa and Pisang Pengat is a flash from the past, and is somewhat a rare find these days. The pancake comprises of rice flour, coconut milk & a dash of bunga telang dye.

32025133_1784351168251788_5964420521314484224_nOn its own, is a blend fluffy pancake, but you can enjoy it in almost every imaginable way, paring it with; pisang pengat, durian pengat, brown or red sugar, coffee or tea.

31243029_208976429898974_7907571074437480448_nThere’s also the Chendol Melaka that needs no further introduction. The coconut milk brings out the creamy flavor & fragrance in every scoop, and satiates the palates, to wrap up the meal.


Post meal coffee or tea, is a gesture of dining hospitality, and I must say, the milk tea here is truly different from many places I’ve been. Fragrant & delicious is how I’d describe it; you’ve got to taste it to believe.


All in all, like my previous experiences, the displays are constantly in transition, so, nobody gets bored, and with constantly new dishes & ideas rotating on & off the menu, diners & patrons have much more to experience with passing times.

Mother’s Day is this weekend!!! So, if you haven’t thought of the right place to dine at; visiting the heritage that celebrates their matriarchy, is most appropriate. Be sure to make your reservations early, because the Peranakan community take their Mother’s Day seriously.

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Pictures taken using LG V30+


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