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From the bus stop looking in, this joint looks like a simple western diner. Take the short flight of steps to visit. Visibly, there are some tallboys & bar stools lining the corridor, and spaced-out indoor seating. A wall of wines curated from various continents, I believe should go well with the bites they offer on the menu.

Located at 6th Avenue Centre, Meat n’ Chill (MNC) is celebrating their 6th Anniversary with their Smokin’ Special in the month of April 2021.

In all these years since establishment, MNC is renowned for their signature flame-grilled steaks and fork-tender pork ribs. To celebrate their 6th year, Chef Bruce ignites the palates & hearts by sight, smell and taste; incorporating the use of a smoking gun to infuse a smoky hickory flavors, to the already juicy tender flame-grilled Wagyu Striploin (MB5). Choice of doneness, you decide.

Under normal circumstances, I’m inclined to go for Rare or even Blue Rare, but since there’s good marbling in the MB5 Wagyu, going for Med-Rare seems just about right; allowing the fat to break down a fair bit, so you get a nice burst of buttery juices on each bite.

The Wagyu Striploin ±250g, accompanied with smoked bread & butter with greens is prices at SGD68 each, limited to 6 sets daily from Tuesday to Thursday only. So, it is best to make reservations to avoid disappointment.

Served on a wooden cutting board, stacked & concealed in under a smoking lid, the service stuff ignites the hickory chips in the smoking gun, and leaves it to smoke for several minutes, and letting it sit. While witnessing the smoke envelop everything in the clear dome, you get to enjoy the aromatic scent of the hickory smouldering in the smoking gun; appetite whetting I’d say.

Soon as the lid is lifted to unveil the serving, the senses kicked in, and its quite a challenge for us to get some pictures & videos on record, before digging in.

The knife cuts through the succulent slab effortless like hot knife through butter, and the cutting board is suddenly glazed with sheen of oil from the steak. Leave the toasted bread on the board to soak up the oily goodness, and you’ll have the scent of hickory & lube of the steak in each bite.

Smoked whiskey goes together with Smoked Steak like horse & carriage. Priced at SGD16 a shot, you take a pick from Jim Beam, Glenfiddich 12, Chivas Regal 12 or Remy VSOP. My pick was the Cognac, because I envisage a good swirl of matured sweetness that’ll go real will with the hickory hues.

Served under a lid with stainless steel ice cubes, the thick layer of smoke sitting on top of the whiskey is quite a sight to behold. Let it sit for a while longer allowing more time for the infusion to settle. Soon as the lid is lifted the smoke disintegrates. Each sip of this bittersweet potion tickles the palates, adds dimension as you chow on the steak. I like it.

If beef is not to your liking, you should check out their Signature Pork Ribs priced at SGD22, comes with 2 sides of following options: buttered corn, coleslaw, green salads, mashed potatoes, Cajun rice, corn bread, straight cut fries, pickled celery… and for extra SGD3 each, truffle fries, chili cheese fries, asparagus or sauteed mushrooms.

Yes, I know, spoiled for choice. We gave it some thought and went for the coleslaw and chili cheese fries.

Unlike most common ribs out there, their racks are marinated for 24hrs in Chef Bruce’s secret recipe, slow cooked, and smoked over hickory & mesquite wood chips before serving. The cooking process is intentionally elaborate, so the flavors can be galvanized thoroughly.

The meat falls off the bones effortlessly and melts in the mouth, but please don’t get too imaginative, meat can’t melt like cotton candy. For the price tag, I think is quite a steal.

The chili cheese fries has got a tangy twist somewhat familiar with Sriracha chili. I can’t quite put a finger to it as the nodes might also be influenced by the molten cheese. The taste factor is strong, so if you don’t want to confuse your palates, best to enjoy the ribs separately from the fries.

The coleslaw is topped with raisins, so the sweetness level is raised. I can imagine convincing kids to consume more vegetables this way.

There are plenty of reasons why MNC has been around for 6 good years, and I’ve confidence they’ll be around longer, should the quality remain consistent for years to come. Orders can be placed online for island wide delivery, but when it comes to food, I believe it’s always best consumed a la minute.

Kudos to Protegie Consultancy for hosting us, and thanks to Chubby Botak Koala for including me for the session.

Meat n’ Chill • Steak n’ Ribs Restaurant

805 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-04 6th Avenue Centre, Singapore 279883
T: +65 8812 4455
IG: @meatnchill

Opens: Tue to Sun 1130-1430hrs, 1700–2100hrs
Closed on Mondays

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Pictures taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

IG: @o_oican

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