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Supply & Demand – Orchardgateway
277 Orchard Rd #02-13/14
Singapore 238858
T: +65 6702 6218

Having spent my adolescent years clocking steps inside & out of the malls stretching up & down Orchard Road, starting from Far East Plaza to Plaza Singapura, and at times up to City Hall & Marina Square. It’s undeniable that our tiny island is all about property development, and might I add, RAPID!


Seated above Somerset MRT Station (NS23), is 313@Somerset and Orchard Central, parted by Hotel Jen & Orchard Gateway. It seems a little complex when you’re inside, and with the myriads of shopping/ dining available, distractions aplenty. When it comes to direction, check with the friendly security officers and/or retail staff… and then the live singing of solo artists on roster lured my footsteps closer.

Full height film filtered windows allow natural light to flood the interior decked with light grained timber furnishings, while maintaining temperature comfortably chilly. The live singing from Fridays to Sundays injects soothing vibes for diners.

S&D at Orchardgateway is 1 of the 3 award winning chain outlets on the island, the menu packs a list of Italian staples, as well as contemporary South Asian fusions that I thought were pretty good bang for buck. I should think is priced just right for the younger patrons that frequent the district, as well as working adults within proximity.

I was blessed to be included at the table, courtesy of Supply & Demand (Orchardgateway), hosted by Chee Sheng, invitation extended by Kristine, and in good company with Tiara, Hence, Ailing & Ivan.

The spread we tried comprised of the following:

Fresh shucked American Oysters from Taylor Shellfish Farms, at $2++ a pop with a purchase of drinks, all-week between 12-9pm. It’s a maximum purchase of 6 oysters per drink per pax. They’re nicely plump & juicy, good on its own, better with a dash of Tabasco or drip of lemon. (I tried the spicy secret sauce for the fries, and turned out pretty tasty too)

Baked Brie – oven-baked melty brie cheese, drizzled with honey, topped with roasted rosemary, almond flakes and crumble. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter if this was a dessert or starter, we all love the softened state of the brie, which was lighter tasting than most other bries, and the combination of honey, almond flakes & crumble, makes it addictive. I’ll be back just for this.

Beef Carpaccio – thinly-sliced Beef Tenderloin with watercress and Yuzu Wasabi emulsion, sprinkled with floral petals. Personally, I’m a meatarian, so I felt it a pity to mask the natural beefy goodness. But, that’s just me.

Peach & Parma Ham Crostini – thinly-sliced Parma Ham, peach slices, Mascarpone cheese and shaved Grana Padano on Garlic Crostini, drizzled with Balsamic Sauce. In all my years of face stuffing, Parma ham with sweet fruits is one of the best combinations around. Loved it.

Indomie Goreng Fries – Thick-cut fries tossed with house blend of Indomie and chilli powder, drizzled with sweet Kecap Manis, topped with a fried egg, red onion, parsley and creamy Mayo. If you’re a fan of Indomie seasoning, you know what you’re in for.

Okonomiyaki Sweet Potato Fries – Japanese-inspired fries doused with savory netsuke sauce, Japanese Mayo, Bonito Flakes, Furikake and scallions. I must say, this was quite a novelty that grew on me.

The above mentioned fries were served in aluminum mess tins, can’t help but reminisce the good old days in army greens, where we get our annual brain preservation all-expenses paid 7-14days staycation; lounging in human height lallang under the stars, or among the historic cemeteries that date back to the 19th century, chorusing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture accompanied by pyrotechnics in a distance.

Seared Beef with Pear Pizza – tomato sauce and mozzarella, gorgonzola, taleggio and raclette cheese topped with toasted almonds and fresh pear, drizzled with honey. To be honest, I wasn’t too concerned with the pizza & toppings, I was happily picking the beef off like it’s a treasure hunt.

Avocado E Pesto (vegetarian delight) – garlic cream sauce, oregano, mozzarella, sliced red onions, fresh avocado, rucola and cherry tomatoes drizzled with pesto sauce.

Friends who know me well enough, would agree this is kryptonite to me.

Proscuitto E Funghi – parmesan cheese-infused cream sauce with mushrooms, sautéed parma ham and bacon. This pasta in my opinion was among the best we tasted for the day. The pasta was mildly al dente, the crackling prosciutto & crunchy bacon strip within. I’ll be back for this.

Nero De Seppia with Seared Scallops – squid inked pasta, garlic, splash of white wine, homemade broth and cherry tomatoes, finished with cream, butter, parsley and shaved Grana Padano. Texture of the pasta was mildly al dente chewy, and the mix was alright, but I’d appreciate if they’d brown the scallops a little more.

All in all, I think this place makes for a nice hide out that offers good respite for weary shoppers, lighthearted snacking, or carbo-loading for the shopper that’s on warpath for more merchandising expedition. The food and service is decent, and priced affordable for the targeted demographics. There were also several dishes that were found to my liking, but more importantly, for other fusion items I’ve yet to taste in this visit.

– –
Pictures taken using LG V30+
IG: @o_oican

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