骏马迎春 马上成功 (transl: The Stallion ushers the new spring, Success in an instance)

Park Palace (乐宫) @ Mezzanine Floor, Grand Park City Hall, 10 Coleman Street, Singapore 179809

IMG_00003057-(Small)_edit IMG_00003061-(Small)_editKudos to the kind folks at Grand Park City Hall; for inviting me for the CNY tasting review session early this month, in anticipation for the upcoming lunar festivity towards the end of the month.

IMG_00003065-(Small)_editThis showcase is not the typical menu, but rather, showcases the highlights from the myriads of menus available during the festivity. I have to a fortune is in store, given how some of these dishes featured not only the abundance of ingredients, but also a display of craftsmanship for the kitchen & crew.

The setting is vibrant and is sure to bring some rocketing red fortune delight for diners. I should think that some of the highlights would linger from reunion (CNY eve) to reunion (15th day/ yuan xiao 元宵).

Imperial Five Treasures Golden Shunde Yu Sheng (乐宫五福顺德捞起)

IMG_00003078-(Small)_edit IMG_00003090-(Small)_edit IMG_00003092-(Small)_edit IMG_00003100-(Small)_editWe were off to a roaring start with the Shunde style yusheng. Make no mistake that this is by far, the most extravagant form of yusheng I’ve experienced in my years of existence. Unlike typical yusheng that our island has grown accustomed to, this curtain raiser doesn’t wrinkle you with the overbearing sweet plum sauce. As the name suggests, treasure is indeed a fortune, for they feature neat portions of; abalone, lobster, geoduck clam, salmon, hamachi (aka amberjack/ yellowtail), gold leaf & gold dust etc. To add to the crunch, they feature deep fried crispy crunchy rice vermicelli that alters the dimension in every bite.

Imperial Whole Roasted Suckling Pig (锦绣红袍 – 片皮全乳猪)

IMG_00003105-(Small)_edit IMG_00003106-(Small)_edit IMG_00003107-(Small)_editAnother bundle of joy! The skin is crispy to the crunch of a cracker, and the absence of the elasticity in texture made it all the more irresistible. The skin is served in bite sized square cuts, layered with a light marshmallow texture like wafer to moderate the flavors of the dip. I couldn’t help but unleash my meatarian cookie-monster inner self- impious repeated helpings

Double-boiled Pot of Fortune with Superior Shark’s Fin, Chicken & Wanton (凤凰展翅 – 云吞鸡炖鲍翅

IMG_00003114-(Small)_edit IMG_00003113-(Small)_edit IMG_00003120-(Small)_edit* I know some activists may have violent objections to this dish, but I’d save the debate for another day (refer to my other post).

The double-boiled soup base dropped several jaws, the moment the lid comes off. Unlike typical viscous starch based goo, this healthy soup features juicy combinations of hidden treasures in the likes of shrimp dumplings, thick strands of fins, as well as a whole double boiled chicken that renders the teeth redundant.

Auspicious Lobster Gems in Dual Style (彩龙吐珠 – 芝士龙虾球)

IMG_00003128-(Small)_edit IMG_00003129-(Small)_edit IMG_00003132-(Small)_edit IMG_00003130-(Small)_editIt is not everyday that one would get to feast on lobsters this size, let alone during the auspicious festivity. The live lobster is sautéed with lily bulbs, wood fungus & asparagus, accompanied with molten cheese filled lobster meat balls (topped with carviar). I’m very certain fans of the crustacean would love to have the whole platter for him/ herself.

Fortune-filled Reunion Pen Cai with Pig Trotters (聚宝满盆 – 合家大盆菜)

IMG_00003138-(Small)_edit IMG_00003135-(Small)_edit IMG_00003145-(Small)_edit IMG_00003151-(Small)_editI’ve reason to believe that many indeed would consider this to be a Jackpot of culinary wonders. It is packed to the brim with 18 elaborate ingredients, with the likes of; Sliced Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Whole Conpoy Prawn Balls, Roasted Duck, Roasted Pork Belly, Soya Chicken, Fatt Choy, Black Mushroom and ultimately, the collagen spilling pig’s trotter.

Oven-baked Imperial Suckling Pig with Lemongrass (财源广进 – 香茅焗烤乳猪)

IMG_00003147-(Small)_editLooks familiar? Chinese culinary almost never put anything to waste. This platter of goodness is an encore appearance of the earlier featured roasted suckling pig. Because the crispy skin is removed, putting it through the baptism of the oven, the meat is not dry for it is nicely greased with its own blubber.

Fried Durian Prawns of Happiness & Abundance (脆皮炸榴莲虾球)

IMG_00003154-(Small)_edit IMG_00003159-(Small)_editThis is a guest appearance from the kitchen of Open House, Grand Park Orchard. Something familiar yet unfamiliar, I found myself torn in a dilemma; a little strong from the on-set, and a contrasting after taste. Perhaps somewhat too adventurous, but that’s how life is. There’s always a first time in everything.

Prosperous Eight Treasures Lotus Leaf Rice (招财进宝八方财)

IMG_00003163-(Small)_edit IMG_00003167-(Small)_editThis is also a guest appearance, from the kitchen of Brizo Restaurant & Bar, Park Hotel Clarke Quay). To the untrained eye & palate, some may not think much of what’s in store. Be advised, that the style is not alien, but the content packs goodness such as; lobster, crab, giant prawns, scallops, mushrooms & Chinese aged sausages (腊肠)

Golden Ingots of Good Fortune (一团和气 – 脆皮炸榴莲)

IMG_00003172-(Small)_edit IMG_00003176-(Small)_edit IMG_00003173-(Small)_editThe golden ingot like confection is done like a deep fried mantou 馒头 with the durian puree oozing out like piped filling, and is accompanied with a cleansing sweet apricot dessert soup.

Reservations available, and the goodness is feating begins Jan 14, 2014 till Feb 14, 2014.

For more details (click here)

Should you prefer to dine in the comfort of your own castle, the details of fortunes available for pre-order take-away (click here).


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