Siam Mookata – Media Tasting

Siam Mookata
83-85 Pasir Panjang Rd,
Singapore 118508
T: +65 9114 1786
HGW Deals: (ending March 31, 2017)

Sun, Tue – Thu: 1700hrs till 0100hrs
Fri & Sat: 1700hrs till 0600hrs
Mon: closed

Pasir Panjang brings to mind, the old school hawkers & coffee house scene, but times change, and people change. The better traveled local crowd sometimes have cravings to satiate, and Thailand being one of the top destinations for Singaporeans, leaves no surprise how หมูกระทะ (Moo-Kra-Ta aka Thai Steamboat) has been trending in the last decade.
หมูกระทะ (Moo-Kra-Ta aka Thai Steamboat), is a hybrid of the Korean & Chinese hot pot. By definition, it literally translates as Pork-Skillet, or Pork-Pan. I’ll leave you to exercise your PPAP (pen pineapple apple pen) imagination of how the nouns combine to form the name of the dish.

Except on Mondays, from 1700hrs onwards; the management of Siam Mookata occupies the Par Shi Restaurant- an old school coffeeshop setting that serves breakfast & lunch crowds. Patrons of Siam Mookata have a choice of indoor seating (sheltered with fan ventilation), or alfresco (non-sheltered with street ventilation).

Quench your thirst with an iced cold Signature Thai Milk Tea, they owners are bold enough to be different, for they use coconut juice in their milk tea. So there’s a little more fragrance & alkaline, without overbearing sweetness.
Siam Mookata prides itself with quality over quantity. Hence, you will find their portions itemized on their menu, or, you can skip the hassle and just get the platter (choice of 1-2 pax or 3-4 pax). The owners have also concocted their own in-house chili blend, which is not as citrus as typical Thai joints, and drizzled with crushed peanuts.
The platter comprises of 4 species, namely: pork, chicken, prawns and squid. 2 variants of marinates for the pork & chicken, in the form of garlic and black pepper. Accompanying the main proteins, there’s sliced crab sticks, sausages & pork liver. All plated on a bed of shredded cabbage.

In a separate basket, there’s Chinese cabbage, golden mushrooms & bok choy, laid out on a ball of วุ้นเส้น woon-sen aka bean vermicelli冬粉tang-hoon, and a pair of eggs. Last but not the least, a bowl of lard cubes, and pitcher of dark broth, to start the ball rolling.
Should you find the platter to be insufficient, be spoiled for choice with the a la carte dishes, by means of additional proteins, or carbs in the form of rice, or the infamous มาม่า MaMa. The special marinade pork belly is quite a big hit, as there’s a hue of sweet after taste.

Personally, having calibrated my palate for the old authentic versions, localized Thai versions, local interpreted versions, and now, this version at Siam Mookata, though is a remote version of the original Thai dish, but I believe should find favor among Singaporean diners.
Their ingredients are fresh, owing to the high turnover of supper crowds. And their marinade is nicely balanced, where the meats are flavorful and not numbing salty, as you would find in other mookata joints. Though I’m a fan of clear water base for the pan-moat, I reckon the broth is nice and delicious.

Considering their operating hours, after office crowds, sleepless folks, after party binge eaters, or shift workers within proximity, should find Siam Mookata to be a nice joint to visit.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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