Joo Bar – Eat & Earn

Joo Bar
5 Tan Quee Lan Street,
Singapore 188094
M: +65 81381628

Opens daily: 1730~0000hrs (including PH)

Thursdays (I call them Friday-Eves), is the day in the week where blokes come out to loosen their ties & belts, guzzle liquid diet over some heart stopping bites. And all the more reason to, when celebrating birthdays of any one among the brethren.

To meet at Joo Bar, is not at all inconvenient; especially, if they’re already working in the CBD. Located along Tan Quee Lan Street, the stretch is just opposite Bugis Junction, and accessible from exit D of Bugis MRT Station (EW12/DT14). Albeit, limited parking lots on Tan Quee Lan Street.

This cozy little watering hole offers good variety of matured beverages, as well as a list of bites that go well with the fluids.

Begin by working up a thirst & appetite, ascending to the 3rd story. In the course of your ascent, you get to marvel at the avant-garde interior of the second level… which disguises the kitchen level, where the bites are rolled out from.

The design is cozy & lit with warm white lights, and bright enough to gloss the menu, see & know what you’re about to eat.

A pot of Organic Honey Makgeolli to quench the thirst & liven up the meal – comforting fermented milky rice barley with generous amount of organic barley. Give it a thorough stir, before you serve the shots.
Note: it was good, we ordered a successive pot midway through our meal.

Small bites to start the engine, we picked…

19122479_439788659739103_4928273259020943360_nHoney Butter Chicken – it’s familiar with the Chinese rendition of 咕噜肉/ 咕包肉. Light cushy batter on the outside, juicy tender chicken on the inside, coated with honey to a glistening finish, sprinkled with chopped scallions.

19121001_311304419319644_3363800373134360576_nJoo Soy Wings – fragrant savory deep fried chicken wings. The battered crust is light an crisp, familiar with the Taiwanese 鸡扒. And the beauty is, it’s not oozing oil.
Note: these wings can be quite addictive

19122132_944235005716863_4147917391130525696_nSpam Fries w/ gochujang mayo – there’s something about the spam fries that I enjoyed pretty much. Doneness is just nice, and the flavor is not too salty like some local brands. And the gochujang mayo is also not a common feature elsewhere.

19227633_169917476879599_1965736008016199680_nJoo Bossam – Boiled & braised mangalista pork belly, spicy radish salad & white yucha kimchi. Elaborate to prepare, but easy to eat. The fat layer seems somewhat sinful, but hey, collagen!!

19227822_324881447940716_6068965394008244224_nIn Asian communion, there must always be a staple filler in a meal. But we probably wouldn’t be able to put away anything heavy, so decided on Japchae – A lightly salty staple meal that’s not too overwhelming, topped with generous sprinkling of sesame seeds. Glass noodles is easy to eat & best consumed when served hot.

To foot the bill, make your way down to the ground level, since you will vacate the premise anyway. But if you’re still thirsty for some high octane beverage, there’s a bar for you to indulge in, which is just next to the cashier.

All in all, I find this place to be a good spot for almost any form of chill out, regardless if its colleagues or peers. The quality of the food & beverages is good, and in terms of price point, competitive with most other Korean joints in town.

19121928_672357026290828_8314176216760320_nScanned via the Travel App, and earned myself USD23 worth of travel points. How cool is that? Eat & earn towards the next privileged vacation.

# Note: DreamTrips Members can accrue a decent amount of DreamTrips Points, via DreamTrips Local, on their bill via the exclusive mobile app.

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Pictures taken using LG G4 Dual LTE
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